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Reflexology Equipment- Which one is for you?

Reflexology Equipment

It’s good news that many people have begun to treat their feet the way they do to the other parts of their bodies. One of such treatment is foot massage which is also called reflexology and aims at reducing tension within your feet with the entire toes. In addition, reflexology with ideal reflexology equipment can […]

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Shiatsu vs. Swedish Massage- Which One is for you?

Shiatsu vs. Swedish Massage

In this century, no one is ready to face medication when there’s an alternative way to solve their conditions. This is because of the expensive nature of some medicine and certain side-effects that most patients can’t bear. In this debate of shiatsu vs. Swedish massage, we need to find out the one that suits you […]

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  • June 20, 2017
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7 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage You Probably Don’t Know

Hot Stone Massage

What do you do when stressed up or feel that your muscles are tight? Today, people are busier, and their schedules are suffocating with activity. This brings along a host of problems that include stress and muscle tension. For many people, a massage is the best way of restoring the spark to their life. In […]

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  • June 19, 2017
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Benefits of Foot Massage [Infographic] & Video

Benefits of Foot Massage [Info graphic]

It is clear that our feet do many works; they are the least cosseted part of our body. In this article, I would like to describe some most significant benefits of the foot massage. Let’s check the video first: Relieves Migraines According to different researches, the individual suffering from migraines and headaches showed greatly enhanced […]

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  • March 19, 2017
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 Top 10 fruits to Help Relieve Joint Pain

relieve joint pain

Are you struggling with joint pain?  If you are suffering from joint discomfort in your knees, wrists or another part of your body, you are not alone. Millions of people are miserable of this pain as well. They have to pay a myriad of money to treat the pain by medications. However, through much medical […]

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  • Updated December 19, 2016
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