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10 effective pressure points on feet to induce labor

pressure points on feet

After conceiving, till you give birth. Pregnancy is all about pain. Your body has to change phases, from start till end. You experience many new things. You are under special care. Finally, after long nine months, you enter labor. But, from the pain and experience in labor. You will wish death. In labor, uterine muscles […]

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  • Updated December 19, 2016
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How To Give a Foot Rub

foot rub

Introduction The human body has a complete network of bones, muscles, and blood vessels. All of these collectively provide strength and power to the body. Any problem is muscle strength can cause health issues. The importance of foot health cannot be ignored. We need healthy, beautiful feet so foot rub is important for foot health. […]

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  • Updated November 12, 2016
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What is Foot Reflexology? Benefits of Reflexology

What is Foot Reflexology?

Deep insight on foot reflexology What do we understand by foot reflexology? Reflexology is the method of applying effective, measurable pressures on some unique parts of our body such as the feet, back of the ears and sometimes the palm or hand. A whole lot of Reflexologists have a mindset that these particular places in […]

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  • Updated September 17, 2016
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How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage?

foot massage

Giving Yourself a Foot Massage? Considering that sometimes we can be on our feet all day, it comes to no surprise that every now and then we need to give our feet a massage in order to relief the aching. Interestingly enough though, that’s not the only benefit that comes with massaging your foot. Studies […]

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  • Updated September 2, 2016
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