Best Foot Callus Remover reviews in 2018

There’s something that’s hidden to us about our feet. Why do we give little attention to our feet?

You risk your feet more than you do to other parts of your body. You will test the depth of deepwater using your feet. Tell me, where can you go without your feet?

Our best foot callus remover reviews and buying guide will help you to choose the perfect one for you. Foot callus is a common condition that has nearly happened to everyone in the universe. The main cause of foot callus is the friction that takes place when toes are rubbing against each other. It can also occur when you walk on hard surfaces barefooted. Calluses will make your feet dry, heavy, bumpy, grayish and even insensitive.

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover
2.6 x 4.7 x 7.5
Our Rating:
4.4 Star Rating
Callus Remover Electric By PediSoft
6.1 x 1.3 x 2.3
Our Rating:
4.2 Star Rating
Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico
Our Rating:
4.3 Star Rating
Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover for Dry Feet
6.1 x 1.3 x 2.3
Our Rating:
4.1 Star Rating
Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tools (Editor’s Choice)
6.1 x 1.3 x 2.3
Our Rating:
4.7 Star Rating

What exactly should I look up to when purchasing a callus remover?

Foot calluses can put you in an uncomfortable state that comes with unmeasured pain and still make you look unattractive. The following are the critical factors that you must put into sharp consideration.


This is a very important factor to take into consideration. You need to assess if the quality of the device that you need to purchase matches with its price. Remember always not to pay more for what offers you less.  Beware that prices vary from stores to stores.

Customers’ review

There’s none that can give the accurate recommendations than the customers. Manufacturers often give extra information that callus remover may not have. Reading various reviews will enable you to make an informed decision on what fits you.

The practicable and efficiency of the callus remover

You need to asses features like the weight and portability of the device. Check if you can use it from varied locations and achieve the same results. Finally, you need to observe usability, maintenance and how to operate it.


There is various kind of powering system for various types of callus remover. Some use electricity when others use batteries. Check the duration of the battery and if they’re changeable or not.

List of top foot callus remover as per my recommendation

By now you agree that it’s only callus remover that can help you recover from your uncomfortable status. In the recent past, foot scrappers were rivaling callus removers, but the latter managed to edge out the former. This was because scrappers had some limitations like bacterial/fungal infections. They also injure and destroy the skin.

You’ll find it immensely difficult to make your appropriate choice where there are hundreds of the devices in the market. I’ve assessed various factors to help you to only go for the best callus remover. Factors like; the cost, customer reviews, design, weight, and usability have played a big role in this selection.

1. Emjoi-Micro Pedi POWER- Callus remover


This callus remover with a cord is a powerful and delivers salon style results. Its power is consistent as you can use its cord to fuse it to an electrical socket. This means that you can rely on it for continuous power supply, unlike battery operated callus removers. With the 47 times per second rolling off its roller, it can remove dry skin and callus without repeat dubbing.

The micro mineral particles in the roller have the ability to remove callus and dry skin painlessly and much faster than scrappers. The power to drive this device can be used anywhere in the region between 100-240v. The rubber in the grip will give you firm holding.

The device comes with a free extra course roller that will ensure you obtain a total of two rollers in one purchase. The price is high but its efficiency clearly exceeds its cost.

2. Callus Remover Electric by PediSoftOne


Never mistake its ordinary look to be its capability. It has a Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable battery which can last for 40 minutes. The roller which is removable is made of micro-abrasive particles that work well on a rough skin.

It’s easy to use and at the same time water resistant. Remember; don’t mistake water resistances with waterproof, this device shouldn’t be used in water or shower. You’ll find it easy to use and reliable. In addition, it’s affordable and comes with a lifelong warranty. This makes it almost the perfect as its rollers are sold in pairs too.

3. Electronic Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico


This comes with a built-in 1200 Mah rechargeable battery. The best thing with this battery is that it can endure over a thousand times charging in its entire life. It’s very easy to use to use, clean and to store. The device offers a two in one service as it also shaves.

Its motor spins 40 per second which gives it two-speed options. The options are either to exfoliate a little or more. In addition, it gives resistant to water.

4. Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver with Rasp


This is another two-in-one shaver that removes foot callus without force and at the same time making the skin smoother. It has a nickel coated steel shaver that improves the safety of the shaver. The blade is hidden in the slide and lock mechanism which helps in preventing injuries to the person handling it.

If you’re looking for callus shaver remover for traveling, then this compact device will be ideal for that. What’s more is that this device efficient in its services yet still affordable for many users. It can be one of the best callus removers available in the market.

One of the shortcomings of this device is that people with diabetic, circulatory and hemophilia are advised against using it.  Lock the rasp by pressing the button on the handle and then slide the shaver into position. Remember, you can only run the rasp over your skin after securely locking it.

Common problems with callus removers

The main problem with callus removers is that they end up removing too much callus at one time. This is too because another layer of callus will form again and callus existence will be continuous. The newer callus may become bigger and cause pain. It can be worse when the bigger callus become cracks.

How to remove callus by callus remover

There’s no definite answer for this as the different type of callus removers are operated in varied ways. They also have different efficiency and period of actions. For you to be sure to be doing the right thing, you need to seek the counsel of a professional callus remover. He/she can tell you whether to accompany this exercise with best callus remover gel or not.


Removing callus is an important treatment that you need to give your feet using callus remover. Any day, I would recommend Electric Callus Remover & Rechargeable Pedicure Tools CR900 by Own Harmony because of its double effect and affordable price.

The process of callus removing shouldn’t be very continuous as it can lead to the formation of even a much larger callus. This will negate this noble and healthy exercise. Sometimes it’s just fair to use callus cream to serve the same duty of best foot callus remover.

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