Best Percussion Massager Reviews and Buying Guide

You have probably heard about percussion massage, and it has got you asking yourself what it is. Well, the percussion massagers are the kind of devices that work on your muscles and deep tissue cost-effectively and conveniently – the sort of tools you probably want. The good thing about these massagers is that they can reach any body part you feel needs attention.

As you are aware, there is a notable spike in demand for massagers. People are suffering silently from pain as a result of working long hours and mostly humped on a computer. Visiting a professional massager is one of the most effective in dealing with pain. But, it may require you to have a treasure chest put away somewhere.

For this guide, we have chosen some of the best percussion massagers around to help you select the most appropriate based on reliability, ergonomics, effectiveness, and value.

Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager
16.8 x 6.2 x 4.5 inches
Our Rating:
4.5 Star Rating
HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager (Editor's Choice)
17.1 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches
Our Rating:
4.8 Star Rating
Deep -Tissue Massager
Our Rating:
4.6 Star Rating
Percussion Double Head Electric Massager
14 x 7 x 4 inches
Our Rating:
4.5 Star Rating
Cordless Percussion Massager
14.75 x 2.75 x 4 inches
Our Rating:
4.5 Star Rating

Our Top Pick of Handheld Percussion Massager:

Choosing one product from the provided list is probably not an easy task. Each of these devices can do a pretty good job of relieving you from muscle and other tissue strain. They have among others a percussive action which without a doubt is soothing and deeply relaxing.HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager is one device that easily scoops the top position for a good reason. It is quite easy to use in comparison to others and has a variable speed you can choose from. The massager is versatile and will work on any body part including the back, joints, feet, neck, and shoulder – mainly any part that you feel needs the percussive massage intervention.

Who should use Percussion Massager and why

The percussion massager produces a tapping action that helps dissolve lactic acid in the tissue. This means that this device is suitable for people dealing with knots in their muscles. If you are into sports or you are the kind of person that loves to work out, then the percussion massager will do you good.

There is an increase in the use of percussion therapy in the medical field. Professionals use this therapy to avoid risks to the internal body systems. You will find percussion therapy in practices such as respiratory therapy, chiropractic therapy, and sports medicine.

The main reasons behind the development of the therapies are pain relief, stress reduction, sports rehabilitation and trigger point reduction.  What makes percussion massage suitable for the sportspeople is the fact that the therapy helps deal with muscles spools, postural drains, and the muscle spasms adequately.

If you are among those looking to alleviate stress in life, then the percussion massager will help get rid of any mental, as well as, the physical predicaments. The method is a source of high level of comfort that will help you forget all the challenges ahead of you. This pretty much applies to those individuals in the fast lane in life.

If you are pregnant, the percussion massager will help boost circulation to the muscle tissues. Increased circulation is good especially for the expectant mothers and her child. It helps eliminate the toxins in the body and distribute the necessary nutrients to both the mother that needs them to stay healthy and the baby for efficient growth.

Top 5 best percussion massagers in 2018 reviews

1.      Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager

Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager

You can quickly name a significant number of massagers in the market. However, not most of them possibly come close to Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager. It is without a doubt a versatile massager. You can use it as a back massager. It also deals with your face, neck, joints, shoulders and any other part of your body that you feel needs attention.

What makes this one of the best percussion massagers is that it is easy to use and is quite portable. You can throw it into your backpack and be on your way. A silicone handle makes it pretty easy to use and reach any part of your body. It is actually the best handheld massager whose design highlights its ease of use.


  • This device has an ergonomic design that makes it quite easy to use – it has a silicon handle. This means that your grip is secure as you use it and which critical for your safety and durability of the massager.
  • It is a very portable device that makes use of a fast charging lithium ion battery. This means that you can toss it into your backpack and move with it wherever you want. With minimum usage, this device can go for up to two weeks.
  • It also has attractive features such as a variable speed to suit your needs. It can quickly relax your muscles on any part if your body and relieve pain. The air cushion silicon stick is used on the hands, feet, knees, and elbows – you can as well say that you are in good hands.
  • This is a pretty versatile device that is very good for your recovery process – it can reach any area that needs attention. It is also a decent device to maintain your good health and wellbeing. 


  • On the downside, the price is a bit on the high side compared to the others. However, its features may as well warrant the high price.
  • The device may not be the best for those that want a deep massage. It does not get near it, and those used to the hands of the massager may not feel any effect. 

2.      HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

If you have ever gone to a professional massage therapist, then you are familiar with the five basic strokes they use to bring relief to your muscles and tissues. Among the percussive massage involving a series of striking action that is light and brisk. You will agree that percussion is quite stimulating and you can get it from the best handheld massager for knots.  HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager qualifies.

This device highlights how much technology is making our work easier. HoMedics have led the way with tools meant for particular areas of your body or the whole of it.

This is one product that you can comfortably refer to as a heavy duty percussion massager and for a good reason. It combines both pressure and heat to work on those problematic areas. This device comes two heads that you can interchange to suit your needs.

The massager is easy to use and has an ergonomic handle that makes your task so much easier – it does not matter whether the device is in high or low settings.


  • Has high and low action allowing you more choice. If you want something that will go deep into the tissue, the pivot strikes severally on the surface of your skin producing the required effect. If you feel that this head is too hard, you have the option of changing it to a softer. The impact speed is also changeable to your benefit.
  • The massager also has dual pressure settings that you can vary to your pleasure. Boasting a speed of up to 3,100 BPM, this may as well qualify as a professional percussion massager. You can still change the speed when the massager is still running – talk about convenience.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that makes it pretty easy for you to grip it. Whether the device is on a high or a low setting, the handle is comfortable and will not slip off your hand.
  • And to add to this device’s efficiency, it comes with heat. You can turn the button in at any time as the device is running – how convenient could that be? The benefit of heat is total relaxation as get a soothing feeling. 


  • The trade-off for having so much power packed in the device is that it has a cord. This means that you need to be close to a power source in order to use it. It does not come with wireless settings, and this is quite limiting in terms of device placement. 

3.      Wahl 4290-300 Deep -Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

Wahl 4290-300 Deep -Tissue

Wahl is no stranger when it comes to making functional devices. You probably know them because of their quality clippers. However, this company tossed their hat into the ring of handheld massagers. And sure enough, they advanced their tradition of quality items with this deep tissue massager.

This massager provides adequate relief to deep tissue fatigue and pain.


  • Provides effective relief to deep tissue fatigue and pain collected throughout the day. In most of the time, the demands of everyday life can really get to us resulting in aches and fatigue. The percussive action of this massager ensures that you can finally enjoy your evenings after eliminating all the fatigue and pain.
  • The massager comes with variable speed so you can easily choose the most appropriate for you. In fact, some people may not feel comfortable with high percussive action and so may opt for low speed. High speed is for deep muscle pain and fatigue. Having this functionality at the touch of a button is a great addition.
  • There are four attachments that allow you to vary the device according to your liking. These attachments also will enable you to customize as necessary. It is versatile, and so you can use it to massage the ankle and Achilles heels if need be – there is a particular head for that purpose.
  • It comes with an AC adapter to provide optimum power to deal with your problem. The problem with cordless devices is that they can sometimes lack the necessary ability for the right percussive action to deal with the constant muscle problem.
  • The massager is only 3lbs making it lightweight and easy to use around. You can reach your back and use it effectively. 


  • This massager has a cord which can prove restricting to an extent. In other words, the cable acts as a barrier where you can only use it near an electrical outlet. You cannot move with it wherever you are going.
  • For some people especially the ladies, the massager is too big and bulky. It can, therefore, be a problem for some people who need the massager to work on their shoulders and back on a regular basis. Reaching these regions can prove a big problem mainly when you must use the device alone – when you don’t have a roommate.
  • People with sensitive skin may find it too hard. It does not come with gentle attachments. 

4.      Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

TheraRub Massager

This is another device that makes it in the majority of best percussion massager reviews, and it is for a good reason. Even though this massager has a cord, it is powerful. The cord is 14″ which is long enough to reach particular areas of your body.

And considering its features, this is definitely one of the best percussion massagers around. Its price is on the lower side. The device uses percussion – the most appropriate for dealing with knots and other muscle problems.


  • This device comes with 14 inches long cord that makes it convenient to use. That means you can use it while seated without having to stretch the massager too much.
  • A strong device is necessary to deal with problematic areas of your body. This powerful device that will not disappoint you.
  • This massager also has a rubberized grip that makes it all comfortable. Also, the chances of the device falling off your hand in the middle of a relaxing session are quite minimal. You will agree that comfortable grip also makes it easier for you to have the session for longer.
  • Considering the features and the power that this massager packs, and the price, it would be right to say that it is practical.
  • Equipped with a dual head, the massager can cover a large surface area of your body during the massage. This makes the process easier and faster for you. The three massage heads are just there to make you massage better and more enjoyable – you can actually vary it to the level that you feel is good for you.
  • The massager has a quality construction meaning that it is durable. It will take many years of service before it can disintegrate.
  • This among the best percussion massagers that are a source of a quality massager. 


  • Has a cord that can sometimes act as a limiting factor. You cannot use the device in areas with no electrical outlet.
  • Some users would appreciate if the device had more power. 

5.      Cordless Percussion Massager

Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager

If you are in the market for a truly versatile device, then this massager might be the one you are looking for. The massager has an ergonomic device that makes your task so much easier and feels comfortable in your back.

Sometimes, you will need a device that is convenient and which you can use at any place and at any time. The Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager is in the list of best percussion massagers for several reasons, and convenience is among them.


  • A versatile massage which is very much easy to use. It can work on the part of your body that you feel needs appropriate intervention. As a matter of fact, it is not only one area of your body that can have muscle strain and pain on a regular basis. You need something that you can use on your shoulder if it is the one that requires some work or the calves after standing for long periods at the workplace.
  • This massager is highly convenient since does not have a cord which may limit its reach and portability. Should you feel that you need a massager while on the road, then this device is more than capable of offering all the help that you may require. Its high capacity battery is a quality product that will serve you a good number of years.
  • The massager comes with a comfortable grip that makes holding this massager quite easy. 


  • Despite having a good quality battery, this machine still suffers from one disadvantage – lack of adequate power. As mentioned earlier – yes we did – the cordless massage cannot match the same power and consistency that those with a cord and need an electric outlet, produce. 

What to Look for when Buying Best Handheld Percussion Massager

  • The Price: if you are a beginner that does not quite know much regarding percussion massagers, then you can do pretty well with a budget model. It will be an excellent introduction to the sensation, and if you love the effects and feel, then you can go all out for a high-powered massager. 
  • Functionality: we all have different needs that we would love the massager to fulfill. If you are out shopping, then it is essential to check for the actual techniques the massager will be using and whether they will satisfy your needs appropriately. A single node massager may be the most appropriate for those looking for a device to work on the tight spots.

However, single nodes may not be the best for those looking for a device to work on larger surface areas such as both shoulders. A dual node massager is sometimes the most effective if you need it to work on both your shoulders.

For those living with the conditions affecting the joints, then something with an air pocket will not be too shabby. Don’t forget to look at the different motor settings and the attachments to ascertain whether they are going to fulfill your needs adequately. It would not be of help to anyone to go for a massager that will prove unhelpful to dealing with your needs.

  • Cord/ Cordless: the choice between a corded and a cordless device is apparently down to what you are looking for in a device. Cordless is for those who value convenience more anything. However, those looking for power and consistency should go the cord way. 

There are some people out there that are dealing with severe muscle pain. This group needs something that will run for longer and with a bit of power to deal with the pain adequately. Of course the convenient and cordless cannot match the power of the AC connected device.

Otherwise, the average buyer looking for something to help lay off some of the day’s stress should find the cordless better. Even though they will not have as much power as the corded models, they are convenient and can fulfill some of your needs adequately – dealing with those occasional knots after a workout.

  • The Heat Settings: heat is always a good option for a massager as it produces a soothing and relaxing feeling. It relieves tension, enhances blood circulation and mitigates pain. Therefore, should you need to choose between one with heat and another without, the former will offer more versatility – apparently this is an essential.


When using or determining whether to go for a handheld percussion massager, there some precautions to observe or consider. First, if your muscles fail to loosen up even after a professional therapist applies force, then a percussion massager will not be the source of magic to make that happen. See a doctor for other alternatives.

The likely scenario for unresponsive muscles is inflammation – don’t be the smart one and let the physician do his or her work.

If you are an individual suffering from reduced sensitivity, elderly, pregnant or have a specific medical condition, then don’t the massager without checking with your doctor first.

Without a doubt, massagers produce a certain feeling that is quite soothing. The wonderful feeling can tempt you to spend more extended hours getting a massage. Resist this urge as spending a significant amount of time getting a massage can be damaging to the tissue.

Of course, the soothing feeling and stress relieving effect can induce some sleep in you. Don’t use the massage while asleep because your pain sensitivity diminishes when you are sleeping. This means that you can wake up severely injured and which is not what you want.

Wrapping up

When you are feeling tense, and your muscles are giving you a hard time after a workout, then you need a percussion massage. Basically, there are various massagers in the market, but they will not give you the same quality of massage.

Choosing one product from the above as one of the best is quite challenging. However, we will have to go with HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager. This is one the best percussion massagers because it is quite easy to use, has to heat for a relaxing massage and an interchangeable speed. It has an ergonomic design handle that makes it so easy to use. This massager has several heads fitting for various parts of your body. With this device, you may be in good hands.

Watch this video for more in the massager.

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Best Percussion Massager Reviews and Buying Guide
HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

Product Name: HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Ease of use


Choosing the best massager requires a keen eye to identify some of the essential features. The versatility, power, and ease of use of HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager make it makes it among the best. It also has an easy to use grip and variable speed you can vary according to your liking.

The changeable heads and other attractive features indeed make this massager customizable and easily among the best.

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