15 Reasons to Give Yourself a Foot Massage (Benefits of Foot Massage)

Benefits of Foot Massage

Unknown to many people, benefits of foot massage are so many that you can’t compare the practice to medicinal treatments. The best part of it is that there aren’t side-effects that come with it. Foot massage doesn’t only relieve pain in your foot but also brings a sweet healing to your mind.

Foot massage is also known as reflexology. I know many people ignore the practice, but embrace other kinds of massage. The truth is that foot massage overshadows all other kinds of body massage. Furthermore, the practice doesn’t restrict the location where you do it because you can perform it at home too.

This article will help you begin to appreciate the value of foot massage, and possibly make you start to observe the practice. It’ll adequately provide the benefits and explain succinctly some terminologies associated with the practice.

What’s reflexology?

As I had said before, reflexology and foot massage have no difference and are directly the meaning of each other. Reflexology or foot massage is the massage on the feet and hands where the therapist targets at the reflex points while massaging. The reflex points have corresponding organs in all parts of the body.

It’s best when you reserve the practice to a trained therapist who can easily trace where reflex points are for an effective massage. However, you can do it by yourself or let your partner do it for you if you want to make it a routine practice. With the help of a foot massager, you’ll find the activity easy and soothing.

Where do we do foot massage?

There’s no specific location where you’re compelled to carry out reflexology. As a matter of fact, the practice is timeless, and you can do it from any locality. I prefer to have it at the spas where there is enough equipment that guarantees an effective foot massage.

Athletes mainly have foot massage in the field of play or even at the gym centers. There are a section of people who would rather have it at the hospital. These because they’ve total belief that medical staffs are trained and have an essential experience to do it. They wouldn’t mind the specializations of the medical officers.

With all the necessary equipment in place, I simply don’t see why you aren’t having a foot massage from the confine of your home. In fact, you can conduct it from your bedroom shortly before going to bed. The choice is all yours; you can do the reflexology on yourself or let your partner help you.

What do I need for an effective foot massage?

I bet you want to experience a soothing and relaxing foot massage, don’t you? It doesn’t come for free, so you need to invest in time, equipment and labor resource. It’s important to seek the services of a trained therapist who has a better understanding on foot massage.

There is equipment that can only improve the effectiveness of a foot massage. Equipment like; foot massager, vibrating foot massager, and foot roller massager form the basis for a painless reflexology. Sadly, it isn’t easy to afford to have all these equipment at home, so the best therapy with sophisticated devices remains that of the spa.

Health benefits of foot massage

A large percentage of the benefits of foot massage I know are related to health, and the remaining percentage heighten the level of your luxury. It can only get better as a proper foot massage can make you achieve the two results. The following are the health benefits of foot massage;

Relieve stress photo
Photo by Tara Angkor Hotel

1.      Relieve stress and promote better relaxation

It isn’t easy to find anyone in this modern world without any form of stress with the daily challenges that come in our ways. The best thing we can do is to prevent your stress from graduating into depression which can be a fatal condition. And this is where a foot massage emerges at the nick of time to solve your stress.

Any kind of massage mainly targets the neural pathways of the body hence ensuring stress alleviation. Many findings have indicated improved condition of critically ill-patient and elderly patients. Relaxation will just come by default when your stress is relieved.

2.      Improves your immunity

It’s good when your body defense system works well because it prevents your health from reaching deplorable condition. Various findings show that reflexology will have a positive result on stress, depression and blood pressure. This is a clear indication that foot massage boosts immunity.

anxiety photo

3.      Alleviate the feeling of anxiety

Foot massage especially Aroma foot massage elicit the brain to release dopamine, which is vital in relieving depression and anxiety. In fact, many findings have shown that foot massage can improve the mental condition of patients.

If you don’t treat anxiety in good time, it can result in depression. So, why don’t you do it regularly to obtain this priceless benefit?

4.      A natural pain reliever

There are people who can’t stomach taking medicine of any route; whether through injection or through the oral route. The best way to solve your pain issues is to embrace foot massage as a natural way to relieve pain. The ideal cure for back pain is a proper foot massage because there won’t be incidences of side-effects.

The best way to reduce pain on an expectant woman is through reflexology. It works better if you do the practice alongside some essential oils. Many pregnant women, especially those in their last trimester like it because it poses no risk to both the mother and unborn baby.

insomnia photo
Photo by Mateus Lunardi Dutra

5.      Reduces insomnia

Going to bed is one thing, and getting to sleep is another thing. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep and sleep soundly. It isn’t a good idea to adopt the use of sleep aids to battle your sleeping disorder because they’re highly addictive.

The worst part of sleep enhancers is that they can cause dependence and many other side-effects. It’s the solar plexus reflexes where stress resides so when a therapist conducts a proper therapy; then sleep will surely come.

6.      Increases intimacy

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to be good in bed? When I talk about being good in bed, I don’t mean good at sleeping, but I mean good at lovemaking. A renowned therapist, Yasuko Kawamura in her finding pointed out that a good massage is all one needs for an increased sex drive.

Foot massage increases the production of the hormone oxytocin. The hormone is responsible for the good feeling when your partner touches you. The level of your intimacy can improve when you honor a culture of regular foot massage at home just before bedtime. It’s also good to learn ways of massaging your partner feet in a non-sexual way at times.

7.      Improves blood circulation

A foot massage is what you need after wearing shoes that suffocate your feet all day long. A regular foot massage enhances a better flow of oxygen in your body that in turn promotes better health. When there’s a better circulation within your body, then your body organs will properly function.

A study carried out in 2003; found out that foot massage has direct effects on blood pressure and serum lipid level. The study concluded that regular massage on foot could improve circulation and also helpful for the reduction of diastolic pressure.

8.      Relieves PMS symptoms

In a random study to establish how massage on various parts of the body can help relieve pains associated with PMS. The organs included; the ear, hand, and foot, but it emerged that foot massage is the massage that helps in minimizing PMS symptoms.

If you aren’t a woman, you might not know the awful experience that PMS brings. Among the symptoms are; general sadness, headache, tension, fatigue, and irritability. You can be safe from experiencing such symptoms during your menses if you observe regular foot massage. In fact, even pain that 50% of women experience, can reduce massively.

9.      Minimizes symptoms of cancer

Is there any disease that tortures the world the way cancer do at the moment? Cancer will never discriminate you whether you come from a high or a low social class, it will be there. Furthermore, there are various kinds of cancers that only fortunate individual can evade even a single type. The management of cancer is difficult but brings more result than its treatment.

The medications of cancer come with serious side-effects that you need a way of reducing. Foot massage is one way to eliminate the harmful effects of the continuous chemotherapy. In fact, a random study among the hospitalized cancer patients indicated a reduced level of the side effects after reflexology.

It’s important to point out that reflexology doesn’t cure cancer, but it has the ability to potentiate the side-effects of its treatments.

arthritis photo
Photo by dvanhorn

10.  Relief from arthritis

There’s a misconception that arthritis is only a disease of the elderly, but I want to make it clear that the disease can catch up with you no matter the age. The truth about arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis is that it’s more common in women than men. Arthritis doesn’t have treatment, and that makes its management very vital.

Rheumatoid arthritis, for instance, is characterized by inflammation of body joints that can spread the pain all over your body. The best way to alleviate the pain is to observe a culture of regular foot massage. You can do it before going to bed with the help of best foot massager for maximum results.

11.  Quicker recovery from injuries

Have you ever wonder why athletes go for a massage after any kind of injury? Well, the answer is that they want a faster recovery so that they may continue taking part in their favorite sports. Let’s not confine it to athletes alone because anyone can get an injury.

Reflexology enhances a better circulation of oxygen and an improved nerve activity which promote proper metabolism within your body. The result of a better metabolism leads to the generation of new cells, something that will make you feel better faster.

The main types of injuries that a foot massage speedily heals are; broken bones, muscle spasm, twisted ankle and sprained. The healing comes as a result of flushing out swellings at the joints and loosening of the scar tissue through reflexology. In addition, foot massage aids in regaining of stability and flexibility thus ideal for rehabilitation of the injured patients.

migraines and headache photo
Photo by GonzaloMMD

12.  Reduces migraines and headache

At one point in your life, you’ve experienced either a severe headache or an unbearable migraine and went for pain relievers. It isn’t a good idea to keep using medications whenever you have a headache because your body can develop dependency. The worst part is that the accumulation of analgesic chemicals in your stomach can result in acute ulceration.

Fortunately, with just a regular massage, your associated headache issues can be a thing of the past. When a therapist applies pressure on the gaps between you big and second toes, there’s relief of fatigue, tiredness of the eye, migraines, and headache.

In this treatment, reflexology works by releasing stress and tension in the muscles thus bringing calmness. The healing of the ankle pain through the massage on the acupuncture points is one of the vibrating massager benefits.

Will you keep going for medicinal analgesics or begin a regular massage?

13.  Stimulates nervous system

The entire exercise of reflexology works nearly on the basis of connectivity with the nerve ending and CNS. The foot alone has over 7000 nerve endings that link various other body organs to the foot. It’s important to regularly have a massage in order to clean out and open the neural pathways to promote flexibility and functionality of the body.

In fact, a study to establish the effects of a foot massage on a Baroreceptor reflex sensitivity (BRS), found out that massage indeed stimulates the sensory nervous system. The study clearly showed that people who frequently had foot massage had higher BRS when compared with those who never had. Among the many foot roller massager benefits, one of them is that it perfectly works well to stimulate sensory organs.

14.  Improved energy and rejuvenation

No one wants to grow old, and that’s why many anti-aging gels are currently in use. Anti-aging chemicals come with immense side-effects that can make you regret using them. One sure way to stay young and energetic is when you embrace the exercise of foot massage. Most studies indicate that reflexology improves the body’s metabolism which in turn ensures the body’s vitality.

One of the many benefits of the foot massage machine, when used well, is that it allows you to regain some energy even if you were worn out. The machine works on specific target points to bring about rejuvenation and healing to the body.

15.  Enhances the health of the skin and nails

Having a regular foot massage with the help of natural oils and anti-microbial can help in fighting infections on the skin and nails. It’s a sure way of fighting the formation of thick callous on the edges of your feet. In addition, when you incorporate natural oils like eucalyptus in your massage, it can help in eliminating athlete’s foot.


It’s good that many individuals honor the call of having body massage, but it’s sad that we neglect our feet. You can afford to have a foot massage at any location and varied cost. If you find it easy having it at your home, you can purchase massage equipment, and do be assured of doing it constantly.

I know you’ve amazed at seeing the numerous health benefits of foot massage, but you won’t believe it if I told you that there’s still more. In fact, the benefits in this article are only a half of the total benefits of the exercise. Besides, there are studies currently going on to establish all the health benefits of reflexology.

The health benefits of foot massage have made many patients to minimize the use of medications just to embrace the exercise. Many patients find it easy to manage their conditions through massage after undergoing risky chemotherapies. Thanks to the absence of side-effects in foot massage.

Whenever you undertake foot massage, the results are enormous. Apart from the health benefits, it has recreational benefits that will keep you calm and feel positive in life.

Are you for a foot massage or against? I see no reason for you to ignore it.

Benefits of Foot Massage [Infographic] & Video

Benefits of Foot Massage [Info graphic]

It is clear that our feet do many works; they are the least cosseted part of our body. In this article, I would like to describe some most significant benefits of the foot massage.

Let’s check the video first:

Relieves Migraines

According to different researches, the individual suffering from migraines and headaches showed greatly enhanced and after receiving a foot massage. So, the foot massage is pretty beneficial for relieves migraines.

Fights Depression         

Foot massage helping the individual to balance the necessity to grieve provides consolation and adapt to changes in the life. Specific points of the feet are beneficial in lessening depression symptoms.

Improving Blood Circulation

There is numerous individual from us do not utilize the feet’s muscles properly due to sedentary lifestyles. So, foot massage improves the blood circulation.

Helps with Edema

One of the most significant benefits of foot massage helps with edema. It is amazing that foot massage helps with Edema and eliminating anxiety, pain, and stress.

Better Sleep

Foot massage can help you to sleep better. A relaxing and soothing foot massage will beneficial for relaxing the nerves, improve blood circulation and body unwind.

Promotes Relaxation

Relaxation is the fundamental thing for our body. We do many works every day, therefore, foot massage is necessary for better health. Foot massage also promotes relaxation.


The pampering of feet is beneficial for flexible and strong feet. In different cultures, the foot message has been practiced to promote and well-being and health. It has been a reasonable part of the alternative and complementary medicine.

Benefits of Foot Massage [Info graphic]

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How To Give a Foot Rub

give foot rub

The human body has a complete network of bones, muscles, and blood vessels. All of these collectively provide strength and power to the body. Any problem is muscle strength can cause health issues. The importance of foot health cannot be ignored. We need healthy, beautiful feet so foot rub is important for foot health.

You have to take care of your body parts because they need your attention. Many of you don’t know the proper methods to have a foot rub or foot massage. Here we are going to give you some tips about foot rub which will help you to strengthen your foot muscles and to enhance beauty.

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Method 1:

Making your feet relaxed

Have a Thai footbath by a mixture of lime and warm water. Let your feet inside this warm water. Slightly rub the bottom of your feet by using half lemon. You can use this lemon as a scrubber to give yourself feet rub. The lemon juice has acidic nature, so it helps to remove any toxins present on your feet. It gives you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Cleaning while foot rub

Cleaning your feet helps to relax you and give you a mental satisfaction.  Soak the hand towel in footbath and then hold it in your hand, and take it above the knee. Don’t allow this towel to touch the knee. Allow the water to drip down on your knee. Continue dripping the water in this way, from knee to toe.

Hold the feet and rub the ankles clockwise and anticlockwise. Apply lotion on your feet. Hold the foot in your hand and gently rub it by moving your fingers back and forth. Also, apply pressure on feet with your thumb.

Foot rub

Make a semi-circle on foot by your thumb and slightly move it. Start giving yourself, a foot rub by moving your thumbs in opposite side of the sole, follow the back and forth movements. Rub your sole gently. Slide the fingers upside down and apply pressure with a thumb. Slide your thumb at the place where the bone meets the muscle. Continue this movement 20 to 25 seconds.

Method 2:

  • Sit in a proper position, on your back, face up and remove shoes etc.
  • Put your feet on a towel to avoid any splashes around the area.
  • Take a tub of warm water and soak your feet in this water for 10 minutes.
  • You can add foaming gels to give yourself, a footbath. This is the preparation for the foot rub.
  • Gently put your feet on a towel and then dry the feet.
  • Foot rub / foot massage helps to remove dirt and other particles from your feet. This footbath, mentioned above can open the pores in your feet and then allow removing dirt easily.
  • Take a good quality cream or lotion
  • Prefer some cream because they are thick so allow a perfect foot rub / foot massage.
  • You can also use a combination of cream and lotion or the combination of other creams
  • If you add lemon, almond etc in this cream mixture, you will have better results.
  • A perfect combination for a perfect foot rub / Foot massage are lemon and eucalyptus, lavender or almond and vanilla.
  • Then warm the cream or lotion, whatever you are using. Warming the cream will give you more relaxation while foot rub / foot massage
  • Then hold your foot with your hands and use your thumb to apply pressure on your ankle, fingers, and sole.
  • Make sure to fully dip your hands in massaging cream or lotion.
  • Hold the bottom of your foot with both hands and apply pressure with your thumbs, continue movement of hands from fingers to ankle.
  • Slightly move your hands from sole to ankle and apply a pressure on the upper side of your foot with your thumbs.
  • Use your fist, apply pressure on the sole and give a massage to the arch of the foot. Use top of the fingers, making a fist and apply pressure on every part of your foot.
  • Give yourself feet rub by giving massage to each of your foot fingers and toe. Individually massage the fingers and slightly press them. It will transfer your hand energy to your blood vessels and will improve the blood circulation.
  • A foot rub is important and it improves blood circulation, makes you feel relaxed. To have a complete massage, foot rub, slightly move your hand fingers in between the space of foot fingers and toe.

A simple method

If you have time shortage, you can follow a very simple method to give yourself a foot rub.

  • Just clean your feet with a wet cloth
  • Apply some lotion or cream
  • Slightly rub this cream or lotion on your feet
  • Apply pressure on your feet with your hands, do this for 10 minutes
  • Then wash your feet with warm water

A foot rub gives you a sense of relaxation and improves blood circulation. Skin tone can also be improved by this foot rub.

(Click infographic to enlarge.)


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Photo by BrownPolyester

How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage?

Give Yourself a Foot Massage?

Giving Yourself a Foot Massage?

Considering that sometimes we can be on our feet all day, it comes to no surprise that every now and then we need to give our feet a massage in order to relief the aching. Interestingly enough though, that’s not the only benefit that comes with massaging your foot. Studies have shown that doing so has many different health benefits which we’ll be going over in this article as well as other interesting information, and how to actually massage your feet correctly.

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The Different Techniques

So let’s start off by telling you the different techniques you can use to massage your feet. Yes, there is more to it than just aimlessly rubbing your foot surprisingly. Doing any one of these techniques on your feet in the morning can stimulate energy for the day, and can also relax you on a night helping you sleep better.

Ankle Circling

Firstly, you must remove any jewellery you may have on your hands, your shoes, and your socks. Secondly, wash your hands and feet in warm water and get into a comfortable spot (preferably quiet) Then bring your right foot up to your left thigh (or vice versa for your left foot) then rotate your foot at the ankle using both of your hands.

Thumb Circling

With your hands tightly wrapped around the foot, make sure to knead you thumb in circular motions across the sole.

Toe Stretch

Using one of your hands, gently pull back on your toes. With the other hand, use an open palm to tap your sole. This stimulates blood circulation.

Sole Rub

Place one of your hands on top of your foot whilst your other is on your sole. Now, rub your hands across your entire foot in small/short strokes. There’re two different ways you could go about doing this: brisk strokes to stimulate blood circulation (better for cold feet) of gentle strokes for relaxation.

And much more…

Massage your feet with long and slow strokes over the entire foot to get the full effect. Practising self-foot massage can relief stress by soothing the nerves in your feet.

How to Go About Massaging Your Own Feet

So now that we’ve gone over the different techniques, let’s go over how you can actually go about massaging your own feet.

Before we get started, there’s some stuff you’re going to need before proceeding, Here’s a list of those items below.

  • 2 Washcloths
  • 2 Soft Towels (clean)
  • A golf ball
  • Soap
  • Hot water
  • Foot lotion

Sometimes when you come home from a long day of work, your feet are aching and you think to yourself ‘I could do with a foot massage right now’ Well it’s unfortunate that either nobody is around to do so or nobody is willing to. No worries, though you can do it yourself!

So first things first, you’ll want to prepare everything before you start. Have all the equipment you’ll be needing onto a nearby table and most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable before starting. You’ll firstly want to go ahead and grab yourself a wet cloth and dab some soap onto it.

You’ll then want to wash your foot with that cloth you’ve just wet. As you do this, enjoy the warmth and also rub your feet as you do this. You are essentially being your own foot heater!

If you were wondering why a golf ball was needed to massage your feet, here’s where it comes into use. Put the golf ball under your foot and roll your foot on top of the ball; rolling it back and forth for a good minute or so. Add some pressure to those points of your foot that are particularly sore or aching.

Next, apply some foot lotion to both of your feet: put some lotion on both of your hands and go ahead and rub them together. Then once you’ve done that, take hold of your foot and massage the lotion into your foot by using your thumbs to dig firmly into the sole. Don’t forget to also rub your foot through your toes as well! Repeat for each foot and each side.

Now that you’ve massaged your feet, use the second towel to wrap your feet in but don’t wipe the lotion off just yet! Allow the lotion to soak into your feet for a few minutes before doing so. The that’s it. If you own a pair of slippers, be sure to put them on! It’s very comfortable.

Benefits of Foot Massage

So now that you know how to massage your feet, let’s talk about the health benefits of doing so. There’s plenty of them. It’s definitely something that will motivate you to massage your feet, right?

Helps You Sleep Better

Pinpointing your pressure points is fairly easy to do. If you press on them before going to bed on a night, this can help relax and unwind.

Another way to do this is to use some sort of lubricant like olive oil and massage the bottom of your foot for 10 minutes before sleeping. Make sure to hit your pressure points whilst doing so to see results!

Improves Blood Circulation

Studies have shown that massaging your feet can improve your blood circulation. Well, I’m here to tell you that it definitely does. Throughout the day, a majority of us don’t use our feet muscles correctly. Also, some of us do not wear the correct footwear (eg. Too tight) which can cause circulation problems. A quick massage a day on your feet can solve this.

Helpful With Depression

Particularly with reflexology, studies have shown that this system of massaging does actually go well beyond just relaxing yourself at night.

The studies had cancer patients go through this massage system, after several weeks, depression rates within these patients started to decline. With that being said, this is definitely one way for anybody suffering from anxiety or depression to effectively deal with them.
And much more…

This video may help also:


So now that you know how much a simple self-massage can benefit you how to actually massage your own feet, what’s stopping you?