Foot Reflexology Pain Meaning

Foot Reflexology Pain Meaning

The primary reason to go for a reflexology treatment is to attain body balance. Reflexology treatment ensures that all your body systems are working in harmony, making you healthier, and more productive.

However, the procedure is not always pleasurable, as many people may think.

Working on some reflex points will produce pain, and make you flinch. But does this pain indicate that something is amiss?

What is the foot reflexology pain meaning?

What is Reflexology?

It is a therapeutic technique that improves health and relieves pain on any part of the body by focusing on pressure points on the feet and hands.

You can either choose to do it on your own by using foot reflexology pain chart or have a professional therapist do it for you.

The primary idea behind reflexology is that there are specific areas on your foot and hands that correspond to all organs, glands, and systems in the body.

By applying pressure on a particular foot reflexology pain points, can bring relief to a specific sensitive organ in your body.

The Meaning of Pain on Reflex Points

In a reflexology session, the professional usually find a particular location and works on it. During the treatment, you may feel pain during foot massage or reflex spots.

But does that mean you have a problem?

Pain following a light pressure lasting a few seconds can indicate that something is not right somewhere. But it does not always suggest a problem. Some spots are naturally painful under light pressure.

foot pain

Common Reflexology Pains and their Meaning

For example, the pituitary glands are hypersensitive, and will typically feel painful under any amount of pressure. The adrenal gland is another hyperactive spot that will cause funny facial expressions. However, pain in such a case does not indicate a much-ingrained problem.

It could only mean that the particular system is working as it should.

However, excruciating pain in specific regions such as the ovaries could indicate a problem. For example, it could mean that something is about to happen to them, and further attention may be necessary. But it shouldn’t worry you too much.

Foot pain massage therapy ensures that your chi is flowing well and gets rid of the pain.

Pain in the ears can indicate a sinus blockage. Rubbing the right region can get rid of this pain so that you can get back to full health.

What about when there’s no Pain?

The absence of pain does not always indicate that everything is okay. A subject may thus feel pain on the second or third treatment, but that does not mean that the treatment is ineffective.

Therefore, it always wise not to make a hasty decision on the first treatment.

Final Word

Reflexology can help alleviate some of the pains and illnesses without the need for medication or other intrusive procedures. However, the therapy can sometimes be painful.

In the majority of cases, pain can mean there’s a problem associated with the target area.

Depending on the organ or area, the pain may indicate the effectiveness of the treatment, the efficient flow of the chi.

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What is reflexology massage and how does it work?

What is reflexology massage

One thing that is maybe taking you by surprise is the popularity of alternative medicine. Everyone you meet at least knows something about alternative therapies, and are more than willing to share with you. Among the treatments that are taking the medical world by storm is reflexology.

Reflexology massage definition

This is a kind of therapy explicitly focusing on reflex points. Ancient Chinese believed that you could treat any body part by working on these areas on both hands and feet. According to them, there are millions of connections between certain parts of hands and feet and other parts of your body.

The ancient practice has been in force for more than three centuries where practitioners use pressure to bring about the desired effect. Its reputation has grown in recent years as people try out different techniques to alleviate pain and stress.

Reflexology works by stimulating the nervous system and having a positive effect on a body part. Apart from that, the technique works by improving the general wellbeing of the person receiving it.

The main objective reflexology is repair of body parts by application of pressure on your feet and hands. This pressure is quite painless, and you cannot compare it with a foot massage or any other type of massage.

The tips on your toes have a connection to your head while those on your foot’s ball to the heart and chest. And for your lower back and intestines, the link is at the back of your foot – heel.

massage photo

The Feeling

Many people find reflexology profoundly relaxing and easily become return customers. It is not a painful experience like some massage techniques. If there is any kind of pain, then it means that there is something wrong with the way you are conducting it.

Ideally, the technique should be within your comfort zone so that you can get rid of any muscle tension. If there is any soreness or tenderness, then you will need to spend a little bit of more time on them. Deal with any tension on the hands and feet before moving on to others.

Any ticklish feeling will indicate that pressure is too light. Apply more of it or fine tune the reflexology equipment accordingly to accrue the benefits.

Reflexology Massage Techniques

When going to visit a reflexologist, make sure you have your medical history at hand. Your lifestyle and diet is other relevant information the therapist will require.

There are various reflexology techniques, and they include the following.

massage photo

1.      Slide and Press

You move both your thumbs to the heel and slide each of them from the middle of the foot to your foot’s edge. The interchange between the right and the left thumb as you move up in the direction of the toes.

2.      The Back and Forth Movement of the Toe

This movement is primarily for removing tension. For this technique, your hands should be on either side of the foot. Ensure the fingers are on top of the foot. Then using your left hand, push it gently and then pull back using your right hand. Continue with pushing and pulling to obtain the right effect.

3.      The Toe Rotation

The primary aim of this movement is to work on your toe’s neck area and release tension. This area is where the tension is and working on it helps get rid of it.

4.      The Primary Thumb Technique

By not bending the thumb too far, utilize the medial edge of the thumb to work on the heel. The right placement if the thumb allows an enhanced accuracy and better relief. If you bend your finger’s joint too much, then you may make the person receiving the massage to feel uncomfortable when their nail touches their feet.massage photo

5.      Using the Index Finger

You use the index finger to work on the foot’s top side and side. As with the thumb, you will use the inside of your index finger. However, you bend the first point of the finger just slightly making it easier to work up the foot.

The perfect placement of the finger allows efficient working in the problematic areas.

6.      Hooking

For this technique, you use your holding hand to support the foot. And using the thumb of the other hand you are working with, work through the reflex area. You then dig your thumb in and back the foot sharply.

The technique is useful where you need to center on a particular reflex – the small and hard to reach. The placement and use of fingers are essential here and require a high level of precision to pull it off.

The Reflex Rotation

This move is for working on a painful foot reflex. The technique is for the upper abdominal area of the feet. As a matter of fact, you use the move when you come across a tender region on foot. It involves keeping the thumb in position and rotating the other part of the foot around.

For more on how to reflexology, watch the following video.

What are the benefits of reflexology massage?

Has a Positive Impact on the Central Nervous System

The theory underpinning reflexology has its origin in the research by Sir Charles Sherrington and Sir Henry Head in the late 19th century. They sought to prove that there was a connection between the internal organs and the skin. According to them, a stimulus can make the nervous system to adjust as necessary and bring about the appropriate change.

On the basis of this theory, any pressure the therapist applies to any part of the body acts a stimulus reaching the central nervous system. The result is that your body then adjusts to accommodate the tension level. Your body’s overall reaction also changes accordingly, and all your bodily functions accept to act in a positive manner.

The slight pressure enhances the blood flow to your body making sure that nutrients and oxygen reach where needed for optimum functioning – from the rubbing action.

Stimulates nerve function

As you age, your sensitivity grows less and less. Getting a foot reflexology enhances this sensitivity. The technique also clears the pathway for the nerves supporting their optimal function. 

Improved Sleep

Having a foot massage is one of the most natural and most effective ways of relaxing after a long day running up and down. We mentioned something about reflexology and the opening of neural pathways. This leads to a better and relaxed state resulting in improved sleep.

And if your better half or child has trouble sleeping, then you can try a foot massage or reflexology. The technique will efficiently induce sleep and can finally sleep like a small child. Reflexology is also one of the ways you that you can treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders. This is because pressure on particular points of your feet and hands help the nerves relax.

Reduces Symptoms of PMS and Menopause

Some of the most common symptoms among women include irritability, fatigue, headache, mood swings and insomnia when it is that time of the month. It is possible to alleviate these symptoms a daily dose of the massage. To treat the PMS symptoms, you target the specific point where the big toe intersects with your foot.

Massage this point billed the Grandfather Grandson, and your PMS problems may be taken care of.

Improved Blood Flow

Reflexology involves the rubbing of various body parts. This action has the same effect as massaging on blood circulation. A few reflexology sessions will improve blood flow to your body for improved health.

When there is better circulation of oxygen, the bodily functions obtain the necessary nutrients and oxygen to perform the tasks they should. Better blood flow also means better metabolism, cell growth, and healing – your wounds heal faster and more efficiently.

Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one common condition affecting millions of people across the world. This condition is responsible for such fatalities as stroke, heart attack, and kidney disease. Massaging the hands and feet with the goal of reaching pressure points actually lowers the systolic pressure.

In order to have the necessary effect on blood pressure, you should target a reflex point with the name solar plexus. You will quickly find this point by rubbing the side of the foot. The hallow you see is where solar plexus is.

Use your thumb to press this point for a few seconds two times a week. This treatment will reduce pressure and alleviate any instances of a bad mood.

massage photo

Relief from Cancer

While reflexology is not a treatment for cancer, it helps reduce the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The therapy will help them sleep better and keep them from feeling nauseated. It will also reduce instances of anxiety and problems with digestion.

The increased blood flow brought about by reflexology promotes antioxidant activity within your body that reduces the further development of cancer.

Reduce Stress and Pain

In science circles, the neuromatrix theory supposes that pain is a byproduct of our brain – it is subjective. As a result, such factors like stress and a bad mood can affect your experience of pain. This means that reflexology can get reduce any pain by dealing with stress and bad moods to have an impact on pain.


Serotonin is the nerve responsible for promoting happiness in your brain. This means that when it is less, you may become depressed and all moody. Foot reflexology, especially on the top of toes, enhances the production of this hormone.

Other glands such as the pituitary gland, pineal, and adrenal all have a role to play in your happiness. A few minutes of the massage every day is adequate to stimulate the reflex points and alleviate the bad moods.

Healthier Feet

Your feet are one of the most hardworking body parts and they deserve some pampering to ensure they are functioning optimally. Reflexology alleviates stiffness, reduces pain and improves the range of motion – your feet become better.

Reflexology is among some of the ways to quickly keep associated foot problems at bay – all this rubbing and pampering has a positive impact on toenail fungus, plantar fasciitis and Achilles heels.

The foot reflexology will enhance the strength and flexibility of your ankles – this especially good for those that spend significant amounts of their time standing and moving from one place to the other.

Those suffering from foot tendonitis and inflammation may significantly benefit from massaging with warm olive or coconut oil.

What do I wear for reflexology?

The most appropriate clothing should be loose and comfortable. You need to feel relaxed during the session so that you can comfortably accrue the benefits. You will not need to undress to get reflexology.

Wrapping up

Reflexology is one technique comparable to massage but makes use of reflex points on your feet and hands. The central theory behind this method is that there is a connection between the reflex points and the other parts of the body. Working on the reflex points brings about several health benefits that include stress relief and enhanced blood circulation.


Reflexology Massage Techniques

Reflexology Equipment- Which one is for you?

Reflexology Equipment

It’s good news that many people have begun to treat their feet the way they do to the other parts of their bodies. One of such treatment is foot massage which is also called reflexology and aims at reducing tension within your feet with the entire toes. In addition, reflexology with ideal reflexology equipment can bring relaxation that can ensure you sleep soundly.

I can’t dispute the fact that you can do foot massage on yourself but it’s better when you get the services of a trained therapist. The reflexology exercise works well when you put the appropriate massage equipment into use.

The reason that almost compels you to restrict all the reflexology activities to a trained therapist is that t the exercise targets the reflex points. It’s not easy for ordinary people to trace these reflex points that have the links to the entire parts of your body.

What’s Reflexology?

Reflexology is an exercise that involves the application of pressure with the use of fingers on feet and its toes in order to reduce stress. The specialist who performs reflexology is called reflexologist who has knowledge about the location of all the reflex points.

It’s believed that every reflex point within your feet has got a corresponding link with other body organs. For instance, the touch on your small toe corresponds to your ear. Therapists argue that reflexology has immense health benefits that don’t come with side-effects. The most notable benefits are the treatment of stress and insomnia.

Other health benefits of reflexology include; relaxation of tension and facilitation of circulation within the body. However, there are some instances when reflexology shouldn’t be performed on your body. If you’ve wounds and sores on your feet, you need to avoid the practice as it can promote infections in areas with injuries. You should also avoid reflexology if you’ve burns on your soles.

Likewise, when you’re pregnant and especially in the latest stage, you need to avoid reflexology as it can come with contraction. This is true and has scientific evidence that when there is rubbing on the foot of an expectant mother, this happens.

How to choose the right recliner and accessories for reflexology?

You won’t like having this exercise when you’re not at ease. The ideal recliner should be the one that serves both the therapist and you who gets the foot massage. The recliner shouldn’t be the one that makes the therapist hard time to constantly bend to very low heights. On the other hand, the recliner shouldn’t compel you to stretch your feet too much during reflexology.

It’s no doubt that you can admire any type of recliner but this will depend on its cost and what you’ve in your pocket. You need to know that the prices of ordinary recliners don’t compare the prices of massage recliners which come at high costs. The best thing with massage recliners is that they’ve heating system that can help you massage both your back and feet.

The type of fabric that’s of use is another factor that many buyers consider while purchasing recliners. The recliners come in varied types of fabrics including corduroys, cotton, leathers and microsuede.  If you’re looking for comfort, then you can go for leather, but pests can easily destroy it. On top of comfort, microsuede is durable and at the same time have resistance to stain.

Another factor you need to consider is size. Only buy recliners that aren’t too large or too small for you but the ones that you can use without compromising your comfort.

The other accessories for reflexology should provide comfort and be durable. It’s important if you go for what you can afford and the accessory that gives you value for your money. The materials in use will dictate the prices of many reflexology accessories.

Best reflexology chairs

It’s true that you can bypass the reflexology chairs and still obtain some good foot massage. However, having the best reflexology chair would make the exercise much comfortable and exciting.  You should go for good chairs but only the ones that accommodate your budget. You equally need space for the chair as some may occupy very large areas.

The ideal chairs should satisfy and support the weight and height of different users. The chairs should have points of adjustment to fulfill your luxurious demands. In addition, you should choose chairs that are easy to store. It can be a plus when the reflexology chair is movable. Here are some notable reflexology chairs with their benefits and demerits.

Out sunny Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Patio Pool Chair 2 Pack-Blue

reflexology chair


From the look, this reflexology chair is designed to provide total comfort. Its use isn’t only confined to the beauty salons and the spas but many other zones. Other areas where the chairs are in use are; pool furniture, patios and for camping. You can also use these chairs in your office to heighten the level of comfort both for you and your guests.

The reflexology chair has an adjustable pillow that is both ideal for the headrest and lumbar anchorage. These features only ensure that you achieve the much-needed comfort while using the chair.


  • The design and how it’s built makes it perform even better than humans.
  • It has many features that can give you a wide variety to choose from.
  • The adjustable pillow guarantees massive comfort.
  • It’s an anti-gravity thus ideal for prolonged relaxation.
  • It is durable since it has UV-resistant high-quality breathable mesh fabric together with powder-coated steel frame.
  • It is affordable
  • Its portability feature makes it convenient for traveling.
  • It has been on the market for long enough to earn your trust, and the manufacturers have a good reputation in the market. 


  • It only offers comfort to the user but not the therapist.
  • Does not have an adequate position to rest your arms like other reflexology chairs. 

Lafuma recliner chairs

These chairs are common, and you’ll only appreciate the comfort that they bring after trying them out. The design is nearly the same to that one of garden chairs, but the luxury is improved with Lafuma chairs.


  • They are affordable.
  • Common in the market.
  • Have points of adjustment. 


  • They nearly serve the same purpose with garden chairs, but Lafuma chairs come at higher cost. 

Reflexology Cream

It’s not possible to conduct reflexology in the absence of reflexology cream, but some lotions can be of benefits for the service. In addition, you can opt to make your own cream if you find the ones on the market too expensive or non-genuine to you. It’s good that the prices of the creams can never be compared with the prices of massage chairs.

Earth Therapeutics Reflexology Foot Massage Lotion

Foot Massage Lotion

This is one of the reflexology that many therapists prefer to use because of its affordable price. The lotion is natural but has no mineral oil and grease. The aroma therapeutic scent that it has alleviates stress and calms the mind for a better sleep

The cream also has aloe to promote its naturalness and reduce side-effects. The lotion being an essential oil is safe for use as it has a good therapeutic index. In addition, the lotion softens dry skins and heals calluses on the edges of your foot.

This lotion might compel you to use other products alongside them in order to improve its effectiveness.  The use of these products can make the cost to rise even beyond the lotion itself.

Hand reflexology massager

There’s no single part of your body that don’t need a massage. The massage can be done by applying pressure with the use of the fingers. However, the use of hand reflexology massager is on the rise because of its easiness to use. These massagers relieve stress and tension as well as alleviating fatigue. The soothing effect that the device brings is relaxing and addictive.

Breo iPalm520 Acupressure Hand Massager with Heat Compression

Hand reflexology massagerHand reflexology massager


The manufacturers take pride that the device is the first of a kind in the market of hand massagers. This is because of the pressure that it exerts at various points of your palm and the fingers. It facilitates heat massage, point massage, and air pressure massage.


  • Your budget can easily afford it because it’s cheap.
  • It’s easy to carry hence easy to move around with.
  • It’s modern and can match any style of hand massage.
  • It gives a complete hand reflexology with heat compression and point massage. 


  • Only the trained therapists can work well with it. 

Reflexology sandals

It’s good that you’re now embracing the good art of giving your feet a good treatment after years of persecution. It’s never a good idea to wear closed shoes all day long at work and still come back home to wear them. This is bad as it reduces the circulation of both oxygen and blood within your body.

I can’t also urge you to wear flip-flop as they can promote injuries to your feet and at the same time strain your ankles. All these problems can bring pain to your feet. It’s in order when you wear good sandals during a reflexology exercise.

Indeed, it’s beneficial to wear reflexology sandals and obtain the massage therapy just by walking on a hard surface. This is very cheap and saves you much time as you reap the full health benefits of your fancy footwear. The notable reflexology sandals are Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals. 1 Pair. ReflexologySandals. Acu-Shiatsu Sandals (M (Women 8-9))


These reflexology sandals have originated from the Eastern parts of the world. They come in ranges accommodating both males and females. Their actions are around the sole, toes and the arches. The action leaves you with relief that keeps you want to wear them the more. By just wearing these slippers, you enjoy a semi-foot massage and mini- shiatsu treatment while walking.

Within these sandals are ball-like embedded on the shoe soles, which enable you to unwind when you walk while wearing them. The slippers promote maximum circulation within your feet and the rest of your body. The overall result is that your body receives relaxation that diminishes stress.

It’s best when you put on these sandals together with reflexology socks to get maximum results. Unfortunately, many people only think that reflexology socks can only be worn alongside reflexology shoes. In fact, you can wear only the reflexology socks during the reflexology of the feet without wearing sandals or shoes.

Reflexology Foot Rollers

These are foot massage tools that when you put in use can bring relaxation and alleviate pain. This works well for people whose duties include lots of hours standing. The relaxation brings a soothing comfort to your feet especially when you regularly observe the exercise.

The rollers are good as their use never demand the instructions from the therapist so you can give yourself the service that befits you. The art involves the application of pressure on the areas of your sole that have pain with the use of rollers.  Most rollers are made of wood, and that’s what many therapists recommend.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large)

Reflexology Foot RollersReflexology Foot Rollers


The relief it brings soothes the feet and heals the pain that comes because of plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. The pain can also prevail due to other ailments.

These rollers promote relaxation on your feet especially after putting on closed shoes for a considerably longer period. The relaxation freshens the fatigued, sore and achy feet thus promoting proper blood circulation.

The weight of the roller is low, and this makes it easy to carry hence portable during your travels. In addition, the rollers are versatile as they accommodate feet of varied sizes.

This is one of the reflexology accessories that you can rely on to see long days with you. The Theaceae wood that’s used is of high quality and can last longer than I can say. Moreover, there’s a warranty that can secure it against damage.

No one including you should find the use of foot rollers difficult unless there are cases of disability on your feet. All you need to do is to remove your feet from the sandals or shoes and fit them on the rollers. The exercise requires you to roll your feet intermittently over the roller and applying pressure on the zones of your feet with pain. You can do this while wearing reflexology socks.

The benefit of this exercise is to eliminate soreness on your sole and the general foot aches. It also relieves your fatigued feet thereby promoting sleep when you go to bed. You can obtain the same result when you wear shoes with reflexology insole.

Reflexology Foot Massage Machine

The need to have regular foot massage has prompted many people to buy best foot massagers to allow them to have reflexology whenever they need. This is because of lack of time and finance to consistently obtain the service from the therapists. How do you see an idea of raising some funds to bring one to the confines of your home? I can tell you that it’s a good idea that gives the answer to your foot massage both today and in future.

The good thing about reflexology is that it’s these days generalized in a way that even machines can achieve success as humans. Here are some reflexology machines that you should look up to;

SPT AB-762R Reflexology Foot Massager

Reflexology Foot Massage Machine


This massager machine has vibrating plates that stimulate acupoints. It delivers greater heights of effectiveness to your feet and calf where it revitalizes with energy. It promotes blood circulation and alleviates tension and stress.


  • The presence of the vibrating plates only makes it more effective.
  • It’s light and easy to carry so you can travel with it because of its portable nature.
  • It equally massages the sole.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Elegant and presentable. 


  • The battery power isn’t durable enough. 


We cannot debate the fact that your body needs a regular massage the same way your mouth constantly needs food. While answering the call of body massage, you should never alienate your feet because the exercise is better when you start from the bottom. Even if you don’t like it, your feet will compel you to have a massage, until then, there’ll be no peace within your body.

The good news is that there are numerous ways of honoring the call of foot massage. If you want to bypass a therapist, you need to brace yourself for a financial tussle that culminates to acquiring reflexology tool accessories. On the other hand, you shouldn’t avoid the therapists they’re the trained people who know exactly what your body needs.

The soothing foot massage has numerous health benefits that come without any side-effects. The exercise can be addictive, but it’s exactly what your feet desire. When you have reflexology equipment, you’re sure of enjoying the activity quite often.

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What is Foot Reflexology? Benefits of Reflexology

What is Foot Reflexology?

What do we understand by foot reflexology?

Reflexology is the method of applying effective, measurable pressures on some unique parts of our body such as the feet, back of the ears and sometimes the palm or hand.

A whole lot of Reflexologists have a mindset that these particular places in the body and reflex points respond synonymously to various body organs and body functions, and that applying pressure on these body parts has a positive effect on the body system, and individuals total health status.

Even though reflexology is not mainly used to treat health problems, billions of people all over the globe make good advantage of it to support other medical treatments when treating conditions such as cardiovascular issues, anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, kidney function, diabetes, headaches, PMS, and sinusitis.

A rare fact we should know about foot reflexology

Our left foot responds according to the stimuli of the left side of our body & organs.

Our right foot meets according to the stimuli of the right-hand side of our body and every organ that is present there.

Take, for instance, the liver is found on the right-hand side of our body, and therefore the automatic response spot is found on the right foot.

The great benefits of reflexology one can derive

Reflexology can be so advantageous in perking up harmony and balance inside the human body and removing tension.

Medical Practitioners have a notion that it aids to facilitate core relaxation, cools emotions, and make a calm mind.

Various individuals claim to have a deep relaxation status and progressive energy after their reflexology session.

In addition to this, various reliable research and findings claim that reflexology can decrease anxiety and pain to its barest minimum.

A whole lot of reflexology engagers are mostly joyous to share their experiences with relatives or friends.

The benevolence of foot reflexology

Despite the fact that the legs engage in plenty of work and movement activities, they are the barest pampered section of the body.

In other to spoil “pamper” your feet and make them flexible and vigorous, massaging our feet for some minutes every day would not be so bad.

As a matter of fact, foot reflexology has been in existence in various cultures for millions of years to boost the general well-being of the people. In addition to that, it is a significant aspect of supportive/alternative medical treatment.

It facilitates the circulation of blood in the body –  Due to over calm or still lifestyles, the majority of people hardly make use of the empirical muscles/strength of our feet adequately.

To chip in, inappropriate foot gears such as skin tight snickers alters the normal flow of blood in the feet areas.

One can beef up blood flow within 13 minutes of frequent foot reflexology. Reflexology would help in the movement of oxygen into the body stream, which is essential for general health functions.

Need not include, you should always wear proper and comfy foot gears/sandals.

Foot reflexology can revive lymphatic system and kick against varicose veins.

It kicks against depression – Foot reflexology and massage helps in killing depression/mood swings.

In line with a 2011 finding put to the public in the Clinical Nursing’s journal, getting soothing and smooth foot reflexology after the demise of a close relative or friend goes a long way in dealing with the stressful, grieving and mood consuming period.

It keeps the feet in a healthy state – One sure and stress less medium of keeping your feet healthy and disease free is via a frequent foot reflexology.

It helps to relax the tendons of the feet, reduces unnecessary stiffness and kicks out ankle or knee pains.

Additionally, a brief session of like 11-minute foot reflexology every day would make your feet balanced, robust and flexible, therefore shielding you from unwanted foot and ankle sprains/injuries.

It eases the symptoms of menopause – various women all over the globe suffer from symptoms such as feelings of sadness, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, bloating, headaches and mood swings in the course of (PMS) Premenstrual syndrome.

To treat menopause symptoms and Premenstrual Menopause Syndrome, massage the section known as the Grandfather Grandson.

On the inner foot is where it is found, where the foot and the big toe aligns.

It heals edema – many foot reflexology during pregnancy would aid in shredding edema effects, which is the swelling of the ankles feet and due to excess retention of fluid. Reflexology is mostly prevalent during pregnancy.

It treats syndrome of restless leg – Foot reflexology is relevant in curing restless leg syndrome, a particular neurological disorder in the leg.

Restless leg syndrome could bring about sleep difficulties due to the uncomfortable/unpleasant feelings like beating your feet, the urge to move your toes, pounding and pulling your heels.

It drastically decreases high blood pressure in the human body – High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension or HBP, can be influenced by many foot reflexologies. Findings have also discovered that feet reflexology can decrease systolic H.B.P and triglyceride.

Great reviews of foot reflexology from users

I was at the medical facility going through chemotherapy for cancer. Despite the fact I took anti-dizziness drugs, I felt like vomiting on various occasions.

At a particular point, when the reflexology therapist in my clinic came for my session, I was about to regurgitate.

But immediately after soliciting for my consent and go ahead, the reflexologist gently did an entire feet reflexology session for me, emphasizing on sections that responded to my belly, colon, and intestine.

After thirty minutes, my nauseous feelings reduced immensely from a 15 in seriousness to a 4, and I needed not to regurgitate any longer.

The doctors and nurses swung in to give me dizziness prescriptions on time, boldly and happily, I told them that I no longer needed it.

To wrap it up, I felt a peace of mind about me present in the medical house, and I wasn’t scared anymore – Tom Bale


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