How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage?

Giving Yourself a Foot Massage?

Considering that sometimes we can be on our feet all day, it comes to no surprise that every now and then we need to give our feet a massage in order to relief the aching. Interestingly enough though, that’s not the only benefit that comes with massaging your foot. Studies have shown that doing so has many different health benefits which we’ll be going over in this article as well as other interesting information, and how to actually massage your feet correctly.

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The Different Techniques

So let’s start off by telling you the different techniques you can use to massage your feet. Yes, there is more to it than just aimlessly rubbing your foot surprisingly. Doing any one of these techniques on your feet in the morning can stimulate energy for the day, and can also relax you on a night helping you sleep better.

Ankle Circling

Firstly, you must remove any jewellery you may have on your hands, your shoes, and your socks. Secondly, wash your hands and feet in warm water and get into a comfortable spot (preferably quiet) Then bring your right foot up to your left thigh (or vice versa for your left foot) then rotate your foot at the ankle using both of your hands.

Thumb Circling

With your hands tightly wrapped around the foot, make sure to knead you thumb in circular motions across the sole.

Toe Stretch

Using one of your hands, gently pull back on your toes. With the other hand, use an open palm to tap your sole. This stimulates blood circulation.

Sole Rub

Place one of your hands on top of your foot whilst your other is on your sole. Now, rub your hands across your entire foot in small/short strokes. There’re two different ways you could go about doing this: brisk strokes to stimulate blood circulation (better for cold feet) of gentle strokes for relaxation.

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Massage your feet with long and slow strokes over the entire foot to get the full effect. Practising self-foot massage can relief stress by soothing the nerves in your feet.

How to Go About Massaging Your Own Feet

So now that we’ve gone over the different techniques, let’s go over how you can actually go about massaging your own feet.

Before we get started, there’s some stuff you’re going to need before proceeding, Here’s a list of those items below.

  • 2 Washcloths
  • 2 Soft Towels (clean)
  • A golf ball
  • Soap
  • Hot water
  • Foot lotion

Sometimes when you come home from a long day of work, your feet are aching and you think to yourself ‘I could do with a foot massage right now’ Well it’s unfortunate that either nobody is around to do so or nobody is willing to. No worries, though you can do it yourself!

So first things first, you’ll want to prepare everything before you start. Have all the equipment you’ll be needing onto a nearby table and most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable before starting. You’ll firstly want to go ahead and grab yourself a wet cloth and dab some soap onto it.

You’ll then want to wash your foot with that cloth you’ve just wet. As you do this, enjoy the warmth and also rub your feet as you do this. You are essentially being your own foot heater!

If you were wondering why a golf ball was needed to massage your feet, here’s where it comes into use. Put the golf ball under your foot and roll your foot on top of the ball; rolling it back and forth for a good minute or so. Add some pressure to those points of your foot that are particularly sore or aching.

Next, apply some foot lotion to both of your feet: put some lotion on both of your hands and go ahead and rub them together. Then once you’ve done that, take hold of your foot and massage the lotion into your foot by using your thumbs to dig firmly into the sole. Don’t forget to also rub your foot through your toes as well! Repeat for each foot and each side.

Now that you’ve massaged your feet, use the second towel to wrap your feet in but don’t wipe the lotion off just yet! Allow the lotion to soak into your feet for a few minutes before doing so. The that’s it. If you own a pair of slippers, be sure to put them on! It’s very comfortable.

Benefits of Foot Massage

So now that you know how to massage your feet, let’s talk about the health benefits of doing so. There’s plenty of them. It’s definitely something that will motivate you to massage your feet, right?

Helps You Sleep Better

Pinpointing your pressure points is fairly easy to do. If you press on them before going to bed on a night, this can help relax and unwind.

Another way to do this is to use some sort of lubricant like olive oil and massage the bottom of your foot for 10 minutes before sleeping. Make sure to hit your pressure points whilst doing so to see results!

Improves Blood Circulation

Studies have shown that massaging your feet can improve your blood circulation. Well, I’m here to tell you that it definitely does. Throughout the day, a majority of us don’t use our feet muscles correctly. Also, some of us do not wear the correct footwear (eg. Too tight) which can cause circulation problems. A quick massage a day on your feet can solve this.

Helpful With Depression

Particularly with reflexology, studies have shown that this system of massaging does actually go well beyond just relaxing yourself at night.

The studies had cancer patients go through this massage system, after several weeks, depression rates within these patients started to decline. With that being said, this is definitely one way for anybody suffering from anxiety or depression to effectively deal with them.
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So now that you know how much a simple self-massage can benefit you how to actually massage your own feet, what’s stopping you?

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