How To Give a Foot Rub

The human body has a complete network of bones, muscles, and blood vessels. All of these collectively provide strength and power to the body. Any problem is muscle strength can cause health issues. The importance of foot health cannot be ignored. We need healthy, beautiful feet so foot rub is important for foot health.

You have to take care of your body parts because they need your attention. Many of you don’t know the proper methods to have a foot rub or foot massage. Here we are going to give you some tips about foot rub which will help you to strengthen your foot muscles and to enhance beauty.

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Method 1:

Making your feet relaxed

Have a Thai footbath by a mixture of lime and warm water. Let your feet inside this warm water. Slightly rub the bottom of your feet by using half lemon. You can use this lemon as a scrubber to give yourself feet rub. The lemon juice has acidic nature, so it helps to remove any toxins present on your feet. It gives you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Cleaning while foot rub

Cleaning your feet helps to relax you and give you a mental satisfaction.  Soak the hand towel in footbath and then hold it in your hand, and take it above the knee. Don’t allow this towel to touch the knee. Allow the water to drip down on your knee. Continue dripping the water in this way, from knee to toe.

Hold the feet and rub the ankles clockwise and anticlockwise. Apply lotion on your feet. Hold the foot in your hand and gently rub it by moving your fingers back and forth. Also, apply pressure on feet with your thumb.

Foot rub

Make a semi-circle on foot by your thumb and slightly move it. Start giving yourself, a foot rub by moving your thumbs in opposite side of the sole, follow the back and forth movements. Rub your sole gently. Slide the fingers upside down and apply pressure with a thumb. Slide your thumb at the place where the bone meets the muscle. Continue this movement 20 to 25 seconds.

Method 2:

  • Sit in a proper position, on your back, face up and remove shoes etc.
  • Put your feet on a towel to avoid any splashes around the area.
  • Take a tub of warm water and soak your feet in this water for 10 minutes.
  • You can add foaming gels to give yourself, a footbath. This is the preparation for the foot rub.
  • Gently put your feet on a towel and then dry the feet.
  • Foot rub / foot massage helps to remove dirt and other particles from your feet. This footbath, mentioned above can open the pores in your feet and then allow removing dirt easily.
  • Take a good quality cream or lotion
  • Prefer some cream because they are thick so allow a perfect foot rub / foot massage.
  • You can also use a combination of cream and lotion or the combination of other creams
  • If you add lemon, almond etc in this cream mixture, you will have better results.
  • A perfect combination for a perfect foot rub / Foot massage are lemon and eucalyptus, lavender or almond and vanilla.
  • Then warm the cream or lotion, whatever you are using. Warming the cream will give you more relaxation while foot rub / foot massage
  • Then hold your foot with your hands and use your thumb to apply pressure on your ankle, fingers, and sole.
  • Make sure to fully dip your hands in massaging cream or lotion.
  • Hold the bottom of your foot with both hands and apply pressure with your thumbs, continue movement of hands from fingers to ankle.
  • Slightly move your hands from sole to ankle and apply a pressure on the upper side of your foot with your thumbs.
  • Use your fist, apply pressure on the sole and give a massage to the arch of the foot. Use top of the fingers, making a fist and apply pressure on every part of your foot.
  • Give yourself feet rub by giving massage to each of your foot fingers and toe. Individually massage the fingers and slightly press them. It will transfer your hand energy to your blood vessels and will improve the blood circulation.
  • A foot rub is important and it improves blood circulation, makes you feel relaxed. To have a complete massage, foot rub, slightly move your hand fingers in between the space of foot fingers and toe.

A simple method

If you have time shortage, you can follow a very simple method to give yourself a foot rub.

  • Just clean your feet with a wet cloth
  • Apply some lotion or cream
  • Slightly rub this cream or lotion on your feet
  • Apply pressure on your feet with your hands, do this for 10 minutes
  • Then wash your feet with warm water

A foot rub gives you a sense of relaxation and improves blood circulation. Skin tone can also be improved by this foot rub.

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