Human touch Novo XT Massage chair review


You have been working so hard to keep fit or compete at the highest level, and your body has never had real relaxation. As an athlete or professional, you need to maintain your body in good shape. You also need to recover from the strenuous work days and exercises that you put in every day. In other words, you need to reward your body for being such a faithful servant. You have had those sick days where your body refused to function, and it felt nasty. This Human touch Novo XT Massage chair review highlights how the product enhances circulation to the tired parts of your body restoring you to full health.

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Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Who can use this?

The human touch massage chair Costco carries a hefty price tag for a reason. It can massage your back by up to 60%. Whether you are cycling enthusiast, gymnast or even a professional on the fast lane, you have the perfect product to keep you up to speed. With a feature allowing users to choose their height, you can easily customize it according to your needs. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain in your muscles, you have a persistent injury, or you are suffering from tendon sourness, the product is appropriate for you. Those dealing with mental or emotional challenges will also benefit from this massager.


Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair features

The numerous auto-massage programs 

When it comes to the massage programs, this Novo chair is incomparable. It comes with seven major massage programs covering almost every aspect of your body. One setting invigorates your body to start your day right. Another stimulates your blood circulation while another stretches the full length of your body. Athletes benefit significantly from this setting reducing muscle tension among others. Typical techniques employed by the chair include Sports, Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai. 

Sleek Design

The first thing that you catch at first glance when perusing the Human Touch Novo Costco is the captivating sleek design. You have to admit that the massage chair carries an impressive look. It is modern looking and comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from dark gray, cream, brown, black and red. The engineering and designing are top quality, as well, that as a user, you feel as if you are on a flight. You quickly drift off to seventh heaven as a result of the pleasure. What’s more, the massage chair is also easy to use. All you need is the human touch massage chair manual to reference, and you are ready to go.

Zero Gravity

The NASA-inspired feature tilts the chair to 30 degrees. Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair zero gravityAt the touch of the button, legs go higher than your heart to distribute the body weight equally. The lift relieves your spine of the pressure allowing for better circulation and deeper invigorating massage. With this feature, you will never want to go to a massage spa ever again.

Massage Focusing

The prospect of a customized massage is an exciting one. With this feature, you can focus the massage on the problematic areas without having to have the whole massage. This allows you to effectively deal with the pain or fatigue.

Cloud Touch

In the majority of other human touch massage chair reviews, you may find the term air bags. It means the same thing as air massage. Cloud Touch allows you to have air massage focused on particular areas. You can also adjust the intensity according to preference.

Three Deep Programs

The massage chair comes with three useful settings allowing you to have a fulfilling massage. With a Deep Breath, the machine syncs its movements with those of your breath. Deep Stretch is all about stretching your lower back and deep muscle penetration. The Deep Sooth on the other hard pinpoints the pressure points.

The L-track Design

Human Touch Novoxt Full Body L trackThis feature allows the machine to cover up to 60% of your body. This is even better than the majority of other chairs. The rollers of the device run all along your spine to your buttocks. This makes it appropriate for those suffering from sacral pain, and Piriformis syndrome among others.

Built-in heat

The massage chair incorporates heat in its programs to effectively handle the lumbar region. Heat will alleviate any tension and muscle pain that you may be experiencing.

Full body stretch

The massage chair incorporates a bend and stretch feature. This allows your spine and legs to recover from any fatigue leading to their efficiency.

Health Benefits

  • Using the massager provides the necessary stress relief. The current work environment is a source of significant stress which affects not only an individual’s mental well-being but also their physical well-being. Stress will cause poor appetite, high blood pressure, and sleeplessness. These factors can have an adverse impact on the health. A few minutes on the massage chair are sufficient for stress reduction. Regular therapy will enhance productivity as users start the following day invigorated and full of energy.
  • Novo XT has a program that specifically improves blood circulation. The benefits of increased blood circulation include a higher rate of body healing. Blood gets rid of toxins and carries nutrients and oxygen blood to organs. Tense muscles tend to constrict blood flow. A single session with the innovative massager relaxes the muscles allowing the blood to flow to the tissues more easily. If your body has trouble healing, then you may need to try the massage chair.
  • The chair massage enhances the immune system making you healthier. The massage stimulates the release of the right hormones to reduce stress and perception of pain. Endorphins are vital to your overall health as they promote a feeling of well-being.
  • The chair massage will do your muscles some good, and you will be able to maintain your posture. Targeting of particular muscles is easy and so relaxing them appropriately becomes possible. This corrects any associated imbalance issues, and you move with ease. One way that your body alleviates pain is by using another set of muscles. Essentially, this places undue pressure on the surrounding tissue and ligaments. A painful hip will make you sit unevenly. It is easy for your shoulder or neck muscles to become misaligned as a result of bearing the weight that your lower spine should carry. Many people that get massage feel a positive change in their posture, as well as, their balance. 


Some of the human touch massage chair problems include the air bags hissing sound. You may not find this in other massage chairs having the same feature. This sound is a source of distraction affecting the overall feel good sensation.

The cocoon-like design has its restrictions. The large side panels prevent you from picking a book or any other thing on the side. This means that users have to leave the chair if they need to pick a drink from the table.

Novo XT Massage Chair reviews

Given the high price, you would expect that every feature associated with the product is up to standard. However, that is not the case. The Bluetooth speaker is low quality. It is not what you would expect from a high-end product like this.

Comparison: Novo XT vs iJoy vs HT-5040 massage chair by human touch

  HT-5040 Novo XT ijoy 2580
Special Features Multi-speed foot, rotating ottoman, calf massager, full-body stretch, swivel base. 34 auto-programs, 3D L-Track, Zero gravity, space saver, reaches up to 6’9” and includes a white glove delivery. 3 auto-massage programs, near-180 degree recline, space saving furniture, Built-in control panel, extra amenities
Arm Air bag No Yes No
Shoulder massage/ upper arm No Yes Yes
Seat massage No Yes No
Thigh air bag massage No Yes No
Neck and head airbags No No No
Neck roller massage Yes Yes Yes
Low Back Roller Massage Yes Yes Yes
S-Track Yes Yes Yes
L-Track No Yes No
Waist Airbags No Yes No
Heat No Yes No
Music System No Yes No
Blue Tooth Connectivity No Yes No
Swivel Base Yes No No
Shiatsu No Yes No
Zero Gravity No Yes No
# Auto Programs 3 34 3
3D Roller Intensity Control No Yes (3D) No
Upholstery Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic


This Human touch Novo XT Massage chair review shows that the product incorporates some of the best features. Even though the price tag is pretty high, its speaker quality is poor. However, that is not reason enough not to purchase the massage chair. The chair has top features necessary for offering a high-level massage. The numerous auto-massage programs together with deep programs and cloud touch among others are attractive. All these ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of the massage chair. Among the health benefits that you accrue include increased blood circulation, stress relief, and pain relief. These are adequate reasons to get massage chair if only you can afford it.

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Human touch Novo XT Massage chair review
Human touch Novo XT Massage chair review

Product Name: Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Durability


Some of the highlight features associated with the massage chair include 34 auto-programs, the highest number in a massage chair. It also includes others like massage focusing, cloud touch, and three deep massages. The last feature allows the user to get a profound fulfilling massage. With this chair, you get all the benefits that you possibly can get from a chair.

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