10 effective pressure points on feet to induce labor

After conceiving, till you give birth. Pregnancy is all about pain. Your body has to change phases, from start till end. You experience many new things. You are under special care. Finally, after long nine months, you enter labor. But, from the pain and experience in labor. You will wish death.

In labor, uterine muscles create contractions. So, that the cervix can dilate. And this causes a hell of pain, cramping, and discomfort. You will undergo fatigue and strain, in the back, arms, legs and other parts. To relieve you from pain, pressure points on feet will be pressed.

Many pressure points in the foot, will be tried to induce labor. They will also try to relieve back pain and cramping through pressure points in the foot.

Symptoms of labor

Generally speaking, labor is same for all women. But specifically speaking, it is not same for all. There are some common points, which will yield you some benefits. Keep it in mind, labor is not deniable. Small facts about pre-labor time.

  • Disturbed stomach
  • Continuous pain in the lower portion with abdominal and cramps.
  • Irregular and sudden contraction.
  • Due to rupture of membrane, water broke.
  • Sleep issues
  • Mood swings.

Some facts of labor room.

  • Sudden contracts, coming and going for every five minutes, ends after a minute.
  • Expansion of cervix, from 4 till 10 cm.

Emotions in labor and delivery

There are many reasons for the pain, during labor. It can be triggered by shrinking of the uterus. It can also be due to the pressure by the cervix. Excessive pain can also stand level with aching and cramping. Foot massage pressure points can relieve pain.

Pain in groin, back and abdomen can be eased from pressure point. Baby’s head pressure is also a cause pain. Expansion of birth canal and vagina can also be the reasons for pain. Every woman has her own tale of labor room.

Labor is one of the most difficult time for a woman. Labor experience is different from baby to baby and woman to woman. It can also differ from one pregnancy to another.

There are many reasons for this pain. You can feel it because of menstrual cramps or immense pressure.  And there are also who say, you can feel it due to diarrheal cramps. Most of the time, it is not because of contraction. It is because on repetition in contraction.

It keeps coming and going and leave very less time for you to relax. But the use of pressure points will ease the pain.

10 pressure points to relieve you from pain

Every good doctor knows the application of acupuncture and acupressure. These both techniques take your labor pain away. The application of these pressure points in feet will relieve you from pain. You can apply it in early house of labor to reduce back pain.

You can also use them to assist and support your body before birth.

Bladder 48

In short, you can call it B48. It is among significant pressure point to ease the pain. It controls the pain of three chon beside sacrum. Which is right in the center, of gluteal muscle, and those are in buttocks. it is a delicate point, so your doctor should handle it with utmost care, during labor.

You can also call it Bladder Vitals. Exciting Bladder Vital will assist in eradicating back pain. It will also enhance qi stream via pelvis. B48 can help to relieve hip pain, bottom back pain, pelvic tension, and sciatica too.

Bladder 28

B28 is another significant place for easing the pain. It is the pressure point for lower back, labor pain. You can also call it Bladder Shu. Bladder Shu can be located in two places. Halfway from upper and lower sacrum or midway in the center and the outside tip.

Exciting these sides will ease sacral and lower back pain. B28 works like a charm on urinary bladder disease such as urine retention.

St 29

It is another important point for controlling labor pain. it eases the pain of outside brink of the pubic bone. It is situated two chon through the midline. You can also call it Return point. St29 assist in exciting and calibrating the qi stream of a woman’s reproductive organ.

It comes handy to control menstrual issue, abdominal pain, hernia and other.

Spleen 6

It is also known as sp6. Sp6 is an uttermost significant area. It assists to ease every type of women problem. Another name for it Three Yin Crossing. This is a bridge of liver, kidney and spleen meridians.

You can find this pressure point, three fingers breadth upwards the inside ankle bone. It is placed with the tibia. Exciting this area on both legs will initiate the labor by exciting uterine contraction.

You can also use this area to cure menstrual issues, such as spleen disorder or a hernia.

Gall Blabber 21

GB21 is the functional point. It controls pain and relieves labor pain, of the upper side of the shoulder. Which are in the midway between the corn of shoulder and bottom of the neck. And they are in the center of muscle. This area is known as Shoulder Well. It excited to enhance the downward stream of power.

This point also assists in treating asthma.


It is also known as large intestine 4. This area is under limelight for curing health problems. This is a significant point of acupuncture and acupressure. It excites labor, which is situated on the fleshy webbing in the thumb. And also on the index finger.

This area is known as Union Valley. Exciting this area on both parts of hand assist in exciting labor.

Kidney 1

It is also known as k1 or Gushing spring. It is situated at the end foot. This is a significant acupuncture pressure point. This assists in grabbing the power down and ease the anxiety and stress of mother.

Kidney 3

In short it is k3. It is among the significant pressure areas for labor pain. It is situated on the inside of feet. You can see that it is in the center of inside ankle bone and Achilles’ tendon. This area is also known as Great Ravine. This portion assists in calming labor pain.

Urinary Bladder 60

UB60 is helpful acupressure pressure point for easing labor pain. It is significantly important while the changing phase of labor. This point is helpful to generate blood circulation and ease the pain.

Pericardium 8 Point

You can call it labor palace or lag. This area relieves labor pain. It is situated in the midway of your palm. It is like a piece of cake to find it. Make a fist and locate your center fingertip touching your palm.

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It is totally under control to use. These all are easy to apply and natural procedure to relieve pain. You will find it convenient and easy to use.

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