Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Lounge Chair Reviews

Without a doubt, the current society is in the fast lane.

Everyone is as busier as they have never been and that has several repercussions on their health. The common remedy for this lifestyle is massage.

Unfortunately, there is usually not enough time and resources to occasionally visit the massage spa.

The Schultz Massage Lounge Chair is one innovative product that fits perfectly with the current lifestyle of the majority to offer you a luxurious full body massage at the comfort of your home. With up to 15 menu options, the massage chair imitates the hands of a professional masseuse.

Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Chair Reviews

Who can use this?

Some of the people that can benefit from this massage include those suffering from particular medical conditions. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia where you have deep muscles pain tenderness and fatigue, then the massage chair will do you much good.

You can use this massage chair if undergoing post-surgical rehabilitation. The massage will enhance the healing process of your body making you feel as good as new.

If suffering from anxiety and depression, then massage chair will help your recovery process. A few minutes of the Schultz zycrapulse shoulder massager cuts the stress hormone by half. The massage also enhances the production of feel good hormones which adds to the healing process.

For the general public, the massage increases the flexibility of their muscles. It is important to maintain the range of motion of connective tissue and muscles making you feel as good as new.


The Zero Gravity Recline

This is one of the features that have taken over the Schultz massage lounge chair reviews.

No, that does not mean that you will be floating midair as you enjoy the massage.

It just means that you will be lying in a reclining position similar to astronauts leaving in a spaceship.

Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Chair recline

The zero-gravity recline helps relieve the weight on your hip, back, ankles and knees. This makes your massage effective. However, that does not mean that you need to be in the zero-gravity position to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the chair.

Five Massage Settings

This feature is typical of the massage chairs. The massage chair’s pre-programmed sessions have some of the standard options. They include the following. 

  • A full-body massage
  • Upper body massage
  • Lower body massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Gentle-muscle loosening massage  

Five Different Massage Methods

This innovative massage chair incorporates some of the tried and tested massage methods to make you have a deep relaxed therapeutic feeling. This is after you have had a long day at the office. The five methods are: 

  • Shiatsu
  • Flap
  • Knead
  • Knock
  • Knead and flap 

Five Different Massage Options for Your Back

Your back needs the best massage care there is, and this product proves to be right for you with its five different massage options. This feature targets your work out kinks and knots, well, and back. You are sure to get the perfect massage for you that imitate the hands of a professional massager with these settings.Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Chair functions

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is one feature that compliments the massage effectively. The heat helps loosen up your muscle tissues to improve circulation. A better circulation is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Memory Settings

The good thing about this massage chair is the two memory settings it has. Whether you frequently want a Schultz Zycrapulse foot massager or any other, you will not need to keep repeating the same process to get to your preferred settings.

Health Benefits

  • The included features such as the zero gravity recliner enhance the spine and heart health. When you push the reclining button, there a significant reduction of pressure on your spine. The network of nerves runs through your spine to your entire body. Any tension that occurs on your back may compress this network of nerves or even blood circulation. Therefore, the feature enhances your circulation, nerve performance and reduced pressure for a healthier lifestyle. Turn on the zero recliners and enjoy the benefits of the massage chair.
  • Among the most notable reviews from users include the chair’s effectiveness in reducing stress and pain. For many users, the chair is what they have been searching for all along. What happens is that the massage chair promotes the production of Endorphins. Endorphins are good hormones that help reduce the impacts of stress and pain. The hormones promote the effectiveness of your immune system and support a feeling of well-being. Research indicates that massage leads to the secretion of Endorphins. This means that by just using the massage chair on a frequent basis, you will be healthier and happier.
  • Maintaining a good posture is critical to your overall health. The innovative massage product use targeting of particular muscles to relieve that nagging pain. Any imbalances that are present are taken care of, and you feel more relaxed. Relaxed muscles are important to your posture and mobility. You lead a better life by using this massage chair. 


While the chair has numerous benefits, it also has a few drawbacks.

Among the most compelling is the Schultz Zycrapulse massage lounge chair price which is unaffordable for most people. It is not many people that can chuck out such a significant amount for a massage chair.

For most other massage chairs, there such features as Bluetooth and music that adds to the overall relaxation and comfort. Unfortunately, the massage chair does not include these features despite the steep price.

Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Chair reviews


Whether it is Schultz zycrapulse massage cushion or the Schultz massage chair, Schultz proves time and again their authority in massage products.

In particular, the massage chair is one of the top products that will ensure you get all the massage benefits.

It will relieve muscle pain, promote the production of feel-good hormones and relax your muscles.

Essentially, you are healthier with this chair. The massage chair makes you feel as if you are getting it from a masseuse with an added advantage of convenience.

However, from Schultz massage lounge chair reviews you may find that it is only for those with deep pockets. It is unaffordable for many people.

What do you think of it?


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Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Chair Reviews
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Product Name: Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair

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The Schultz Massage Chair is one innovative product that fits perfectly with the current lifestyle of the majority to offer you a luxurious full body massage at the comfort of your home.

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