The Best Foot Massager for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you have probably tried several techniques and alternative methods to alleviate the symptoms.

One product that is gaining in popularity is a foot massager.

But what is it and which is the best foot massager for diabetics in the market?

Is the complementary therapy a new thing on the block?

Massage is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world. It was a standard therapeutic treatment in ancient Egypt and China for thousands of years and so is an old practice.

Recommended Foot Massager for Diabetics

What is a foot massager?

Professional massage therapists have the skills to provide the best foot massages that will leave you feeling fantastic and refreshed.

However, there are devices designed to give you the same quality of massage but cheaply and conveniently.

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A foot massager is a machine that imitates the hands and feet of professional therapists. They work on the pressure points of your feet and relieve pain, as well as, improve circulation.

What is the best foot massager for diabetics?

Diabetics are in constant need of a massage to minimize pain and improve the flow of blood. Massage will help you get relief from muscle cramps, foot, and leg pains.

In research published in Diabetes journal, massage improves blood circulation on your foot. The pressure provided through massage helps enhance the elasticity of the artery thereby increasing circulation to the foot.

If you combine the leg massage with a full body massage, your blood sugar levels will normalize.

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The same research also shows that the children that got full body massages had their glucose levels decrease to appropriate levels. As if that is not enough, massage also helped reduce depression and anxiety levels among the participants.

Clearly, massage has a host of benefits for you if you especially have diabetes.

The question now is which is the best device to do massage for diabetic’s legs?

What you need to know is that not all types of foot massagers are safe for people with diabetes. There is a specific foot massager for diabetics, and the most recommended are MedMassager foot massager.

MedMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager MMF06 foot massager is one of the best foot massaging units on the market for diabetics. This massager has the approval of FDA and CSA meaning it is appropriate for massaging the feet of the diabetics.


Foot spa with diabetes is not always appropriate. In most cases, specialists do not recommend it.

Diabetics may suffer from neuropathy and use the device may not be appropriate leaving MedMassager as the only device appropriate for those living with diabetes.

The following factors make it the best foot massager machine on the market.


MedMassager MMF06 is solely for therapeutic and clinical use. That means it aids in alleviating symptoms of neuropathy such as cramps, pain and serious issues of circulation in an efficient manner.

Apart from that, the product minimizes joint pain and swellings.

Essentially, the design of MedMassager is in a way that will provide the maximum comfort to the user.


  • Revolving footpad
  • 11 speeds
  • You can use the product on other parts of the foot such as shins and calves.
  • The device has gel pads for hard surfaces.
  • Has a quiet motor.
  • The surface can sufficiently target the pressure points of the foot.
  • It is certified for therapeutic use by the FDA. 

Before using MedMassager, you can use such oils as vanilla and lavender for best results.

You can then start using the product on low setting for the first few minutes. After that, increase the speed gradually to the one you are comfortable with.


The MedMassager stimulates the flow of blood and reduces edema. Therefore, if you have swellings, then the product will prove useful. 

  • You can use MedMassager with your shoes, socks or barefoot. MedMassager runs quietly and smoothly because the balancing of the motors and components is well done.
  • Another good thing about MedMassager is that it does not need a battery. You just plug it into the wall socket wherever you are, and you are good to go.
  • The massager comes with a one year warranty against defects and failure. The product also has a lifetime warranty on the manufacturer’s website. 

The users of MedMassager are usually satisfied with the product, and many agree that it is the best foot massager for neuropathy because it reduces neuropathy symptoms in less than 15 minutes.

There are other touching reviews of the product that includes a daughter saying that her father was able to move his big toe after using the product.


There are complaints regarding MedMassager‘s durability. There have been reports of loose parts and whirring sounds after only a short period.

However, the best part is that the manufacturers of the device have a five-star customer service. They make sure they address such issues within the shortest time possible.

Another disadvantage is that it is heavy to carry around. It is around 11 pounds. Furthermore, the price of MedMassager is steep.

Can Massage Improve Insulin Absorption?

Research also shows the people that received a massage have better insulin absorption rates than those that did not. Massaging the injection location is very helpful, and within 45 minutes, the difference in glucose levels is more striking. 


For people that are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, massaging of the legs below the knee level is not appropriate.

However, the MedMassager offers an indirect massage, and apart from neuropathy, those with open sores and thin skin can still use it.

However, it is always right to seek the advice of your physician.

When using the MedMassager, you should avoid standing on it or applying excessive pressure on it.

Watch the video on how you can use MedMassager here.

Recommendation for diabetic foot care

If you have diabetes, having the right kind of footwear is important and will complement the effects of diabetic foot massagers. The arch support cushion from Food Matters is one product that is sure to provide support for your feet inside your shoes.

A proper diet is a way to enhance foot care for diabetes.

Apart from the arch support cushions, Orthotic insoles are other products that you can use for feet support.Orthaheel Insole Relief Full LengthOrthaheel Insole Relief Full Length

In conclusion

MedMassager is one of the best foot massagers for diabetics and those suffering from neuropathy. The massager has the best design to play its role and has the approval of FDA and CSA.

You can also have other products such as arch support cushions or Orthotic insoles to take care of your feet.


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