What is Foot Reflexology? Benefits of Reflexology

What do we understand by foot reflexology?

Reflexology is the method of applying effective, measurable pressures on some unique parts of our body such as the feet, back of the ears and sometimes the palm or hand.

A whole lot of Reflexologists have a mindset that these particular places in the body and reflex points respond synonymously to various body organs and body functions, and that applying pressure on these body parts has a positive effect on the body system, and individuals total health status.

Even though reflexology is not mainly used to treat health problems, billions of people all over the globe make good advantage of it to support other medical treatments when treating conditions such as cardiovascular issues, anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, kidney function, diabetes, headaches, PMS, and sinusitis.

A rare fact we should know about foot reflexology

Our left foot responds according to the stimuli of the left side of our body & organs.

Our right foot meets according to the stimuli of the right-hand side of our body and every organ that is present there.

Take, for instance, the liver is found on the right-hand side of our body, and therefore the automatic response spot is found on the right foot.

The great benefits of reflexology one can derive

Reflexology can be so advantageous in perking up harmony and balance inside the human body and removing tension.

Medical Practitioners have a notion that it aids to facilitate core relaxation, cools emotions, and make a calm mind.

Various individuals claim to have a deep relaxation status and progressive energy after their reflexology session.

In addition to this, various reliable research and findings claim that reflexology can decrease anxiety and pain to its barest minimum.

A whole lot of reflexology engagers are mostly joyous to share their experiences with relatives or friends.

The benevolence of foot reflexology

Despite the fact that the legs engage in plenty of work and movement activities, they are the barest pampered section of the body.

In other to spoil “pamper” your feet and make them flexible and vigorous, massaging our feet for some minutes every day would not be so bad.

As a matter of fact, foot reflexology has been in existence in various cultures for millions of years to boost the general well-being of the people. In addition to that, it is a significant aspect of supportive/alternative medical treatment.

It facilitates the circulation of blood in the body –  Due to over calm or still lifestyles, the majority of people hardly make use of the empirical muscles/strength of our feet adequately.

To chip in, inappropriate foot gears such as skin tight snickers alters the normal flow of blood in the feet areas.

One can beef up blood flow within 13 minutes of frequent foot reflexology. Reflexology would help in the movement of oxygen into the body stream, which is essential for general health functions.

Need not include, you should always wear proper and comfy foot gears/sandals.

Foot reflexology can revive lymphatic system and kick against varicose veins.

It kicks against depression – Foot reflexology and massage helps in killing depression/mood swings.

In line with a 2011 finding put to the public in the Clinical Nursing’s journal, getting soothing and smooth foot reflexology after the demise of a close relative or friend goes a long way in dealing with the stressful, grieving and mood consuming period.

It keeps the feet in a healthy state – One sure and stress less medium of keeping your feet healthy and disease free is via a frequent foot reflexology.

It helps to relax the tendons of the feet, reduces unnecessary stiffness and kicks out ankle or knee pains.

Additionally, a brief session of like 11-minute foot reflexology every day would make your feet balanced, robust and flexible, therefore shielding you from unwanted foot and ankle sprains/injuries.

It eases the symptoms of menopause – various women all over the globe suffer from symptoms such as feelings of sadness, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, bloating, headaches and mood swings in the course of (PMS) Premenstrual syndrome.

To treat menopause symptoms and Premenstrual Menopause Syndrome, massage the section known as the Grandfather Grandson.

On the inner foot is where it is found, where the foot and the big toe aligns.

It heals edema – many foot reflexology during pregnancy would aid in shredding edema effects, which is the swelling of the ankles feet and due to excess retention of fluid. Reflexology is mostly prevalent during pregnancy.

It treats syndrome of restless leg – Foot reflexology is relevant in curing restless leg syndrome, a particular neurological disorder in the leg.

Restless leg syndrome could bring about sleep difficulties due to the uncomfortable/unpleasant feelings like beating your feet, the urge to move your toes, pounding and pulling your heels.

It drastically decreases high blood pressure in the human body – High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension or HBP, can be influenced by many foot reflexologies. Findings have also discovered that feet reflexology can decrease systolic H.B.P and triglyceride.

Great reviews of foot reflexology from users

I was at the medical facility going through chemotherapy for cancer. Despite the fact I took anti-dizziness drugs, I felt like vomiting on various occasions.

At a particular point, when the reflexology therapist in my clinic came for my session, I was about to regurgitate.

But immediately after soliciting for my consent and go ahead, the reflexologist gently did an entire feet reflexology session for me, emphasizing on sections that responded to my belly, colon, and intestine.

After thirty minutes, my nauseous feelings reduced immensely from a 15 in seriousness to a 4, and I needed not to regurgitate any longer.

The doctors and nurses swung in to give me dizziness prescriptions on time, boldly and happily, I told them that I no longer needed it.

To wrap it up, I felt a peace of mind about me present in the medical house, and I wasn’t scared anymore – Tom Bale


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